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The FormAPI makes it easy for developers to fill in PDFs. The template editor is full-featured, and supports many different field types. A JSON schema is provided for every template, and FormAPI makes sure that API requests contain valid data. Field types include: Text, number, boolean, date / time, country, email, URL, check, shape, image, and QR code. FormAPI supports both fillable and scanned PDFs. When you upload a PDF with a fillable form, all of the existing fields will automatically import. With the The FormAPI, you can:
  • Create an API with nested objects and arrays. Field types include text, number, boolean, date, country, email, URL, and image. Fields can be displayed as text, check marks, shapes, images, and QR codes.
  • Automatically generate a JSON Schema for your API, including validations. Configure required and optional fields, or set minimum and maximum values for numbers. An error is returned if you submit invalid data.
  • Every template has an automatically generated online form. Quickly test your templates by clicking a button to fill the form with random data. All plans includes unlimited free test PDFs.
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  • Split a date into month, day, and year. Display a check or a shape whenever a value matches a condition. Combine multiple values into a single string. Turn complex forms into simple APIs.
  • Send webhooks or post a message to Slack when a PDF is generated. More integrations are coming soon, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Zapier, and IFTTT.
FormAPI offers a 7 day free trial.