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Dome9 API - Developers

Dome9 is a service for centralizing and automating security for cloud servers of all kinds. Server managers can monitor user activity in detail, maintaining reports even after servers are retired. Multiple users can be added to a single Dome9 account, and their permissions can be customized to control their access. Access to the servers (which are hidden by default) is granted via a secure access lease. One-time secure access leases are available for individuals who need temporary access to servers such as developers or consultants. To enhance server security, Dome9 uses multi-factor authentication along with customizable real-time alerts regarding security issues. Dome9 is available for integration using its API, which enables developers to view Dome9 security entities and to create and delete access leases. Potential API uses include self-granting secure access during batch jobs and adding a secure access lease button to an application.