Real-Time Email address Verification API. Free plan of 10K Emails monthly or unlimited on paid plan. The API performs checks on both local username and domain name parts of the Email address syntax. The system evaluate a score based on the username syntax risk, as well as some deep server verifications, such as: MX records existence, SMTP host, open ports, and the answers after a socket conversation between our server and the SMTP host. This API will answer to your requests using the output format of your choice, with the results of several verifications, available to you from the different fields as described in our documentation. You are free to make use of those check points for your own needs, but you can also simply rely on our score indicator, which is based on the whole analysis, in order to quickly decide which addresses to keep or better to drop. (Basically with a score from 90 to 100 you are good to go) In addition, we offer a Windows Desktop software making a simple use of our API, in order for you to forget about API integration and simply clean up your Email list in matter of seconds.