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Emailvision Campaign Commander Unspecified API - Developers

[This API now exists as Smart Focus. This profile is being maintained purely for historical and research purposes.] Emailvision is a provider of SaaS campaign management solutions for email, mobile and social marketing. These services are used to automate work so that users can run and manage their marketing campaigns more effectively. Campaign Commander is software that lets users perform all aspects of email marketing. Users can view reports and analytics, plan their campaigns, manage portfolios on up to more advanced tasks involving segmentation strategies, triggered marketing, integrated email and social campaigns and much more. Campaign Commander also supports the management and execution of campaigns in 16 different languages. The API suite allows marketers to re-use existing customer data stored in CRM, ERP, SFA, or other in-house applications within Campaign Commander to send targeted email marketing campaigns to clients. The suite includes a campaign management API, notification messaging API and real-time data synchronization API. Full documentation is not publicly available.