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ETNA Trading API reduces the complexity associated with online stock trading for robo-advisors and FinTech startups. ETNA Trading API simplifies trade management for portfolio managers, robo-advisors and other FinTech firms. Configurable OMS API automates trade submissions, reporting, trade allocations and track order status, positions, and account balances. ETNA's Stock Trading API offers multi-asset trading functionality, including fractional shares trading and is seamlessly integrated. Some of the functions are:
  • Automate Trading Operations
  • Monitors and manages trading activity in real time
  • Maintains positions
  • Downloads SOD (start-of-day) files from the clearing firm
  • Receives orders and routes them to the appropriate execution venue
  • Tracks the progress of each order through its lifecycle
  • Calculates buying power, margin requirements and account balances of each account in real time
  • Manages trade allocations
  • Sends Drop Copies to all appropriate receivers
  • Uploads EOD (end-of-day) trade files to the clearing firm and reports to regulators