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EVE ESI REST API - Source Code

EVE Online is a futuristic online gaming experience, set in space. Players explore over 7,000 star systems, cast as elite spaceship pilots. Using sandbox gameplay and skilled based progression, EVE Online players wage cosmic war, discover new worlds, and create new economic ventures as they travel across galaxies. The EVE ESI (EVE Swagger Interface) API is the official RESTful API for EVE third-party development. This API leverages Swagger so that documentation about the API is always up to date and independent of documentation websites. You can find all the endpoints and try them out at The ESI API was designed to be a single interface to all information EVE related. As such, if ESI and the cluster agree on configuration, you can change the data source query parameter on any route (including //swagger.json) to the server name of your choice. There are three ESI environments running, an esi-dev, esi-test, and the production esi. With esi-dev or esi-test and a bit of configuration (which will be replaced with tooling), EVE developers are able to query their local development server through ESI. Auth is handled by SSO. The ESI uses new scopes with which you can alter your existing or make new developer keys in order to make use of these new scopes. The EVE ESI API replaces the EVE Online CREST Carbon RESTful API and the EVE Online XML API, which are now depreciated and will be shut down May 8th, 2018 (or earlier if metrics signal a trivial level of usage).