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Ez Texting's flexible APIs allow you to rapidly integrate text messaging into your own web, desktop or mobile app. We offer a REST API as well as a legacy HTTP API. The REST API can return results in XML or JSON. We provide the most competitively priced messaging in the industry through our short codes in the United States and Canada (313131 in the US and 393939 in Canada). Our APIs are designed to be both easy and powerful; even developers with minimal experience will have no problem integrating text messaging into their projects using Ez Texting. If you simply want to send and receive text messages, our sending and receiving APIs are a perfect solution. If you're looking for deeper integration and other features, we offer a number of other APIs: * Our Voice Broadcast API allows you to send voice broadcast messages to single numbers as well as arrays of numbers. * Our Carrier Lookup API is a unique service that returns the most up to date wireless carrier attached to a particular phone number.
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