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Facebook How-to's

ASP .NET Library for Facebook An ASP class designed to allow you to interface with facebook applications via a Canvas page. It provides simple methods for authenticating the canvas request and making calls to the Facebook API.  
ASP.NET Library for Facebook A Facebook application written in ASP.NET using VS.NET 2005.  
AWESOME PICS Awesome Pics allows you to generate your own Google, Facebook business cards. Put your pic in the Cover Page of Times Magazine, Get clicked in Times Square, New York etc. And publish these pics to your facebook album.  
C++ Client for Facebook A C++ Facebook Client using the Facebook API. Built with XML and md5 libraries: TinyXML and md5wrapper. It also uses libcurl.  
Creating a Facebook photo album with Adobe Flex This free tutorial steps you through the process of creating a simple application that displays your Facebook photos. Demo and source code included.  
EFPA EFPA (Easy Facebook PHP API) library, version 1.3 is a library written to simplify the use of the facebook Graph API. The library simplifies posting, commenting, loading streams with ready-made templates and photo upload all in one command and allows for powerful data retrieval / publishing and data type representation. Making the facebook API as easy as social plugins EFPA was created out of the will of integrating web apps with facebook faster. It is tasks such 'authenticating' that puts off a lot of first time developers. They are forced to use social plugins as a means of having some connection to facebook. This has meant that while the social "copy-paste" plugins have become a viral addition to any web app or website it has left out true communication with the facebook API to the few who could code to a higher degree. A consistent API For those in any level of scripting it is a pain when there are changes to the facebook API (REST to Graph and smaller feature changes etc) where code that developers had written had to be re-learnt and reverted to suit changes. With EFPA being an API to the facebook API itself, it means that changes to the facebook API can occur and be updates while the functions and calls remain the same with EFPA.  
Explaination Text anyone's twitter username to 203-403-NAME (203-403-6263) and instantly get a vcard for them that you can easily import into your phone address book.  
Facebook ActionScript Library The Facebook ActionScript provides an interface between the Facebook REST API and Flash/Flex based applications. Hosted on code.google.com.  
Facebook and Fellowship One - Outreach An application that functions with the overarching concept of “Outreach over Virtual Church.” Not only do we aim to build an ecology of people helping each other, but by reaching out to people and helping them deal with issues that affect their lives.  
Facebook Developer Toolkit MVC Add-on This is an addon to the Facebook Developer Toolkit (http://www.codeplex.com/FacebookToolkit) that makes supporting an ASP.NET MVC Application easier  
Facebook.NET: Open Source for Facebook An overview and introduction to an open source project, Facebook.NET, a framework optimized for developing ASP.NET-based Facebook applications.  
Facebooker: Ruby library for Facebook Facebooker is a Ruby library using the Facebook REST API and platform.  
Fantasma: C++ Client Library for Facebook Fantasma is a C++ Client Library for the Facebook Platform and wraps the Facebook API. The library uses the cross-platform Qt Toolkit.  
Fb4j : Java Source for Facebook fb4j is Facebook library written for Java developers, by Java developers. fb4j aides Facebook application development by providing a consistent object model to all of the functionality of the Facebook API.  
Java Library for Facebook A Facebook API client implemented in Java, derived from the poorly-maintained official Facebook client. Note: as of May 2008, Facebook has discontinued any support of their official Java client.  
Javabook: Java Library for Facebook Facebook provides a Java-based API, but this library provides additional functionality and benefits. See site for more.  
Minifb: Python library for Facebook  A minimal API for writing web applications with Facebook in Python. The two functions provided are all that should be needed to generate and validate information in Facebook.  
MKAbeFook: Cocoa library for Facebook MKAbeFook for Facebook. Uses the WebKit browser with asynchronous requests, photo uploads, and much more. It can call any API method and returns the result in standard Cocoa types. It is distributed under a BSD style license.  
Official Facebook .NET Client Library A .Net wrapper for the Facebook API. Clarity Consulting developed the original Facebook Developer Toolkit for the Microsoft Visual Studio Express Team.  
Official Facebook PHP Client Library The official PHP client library for Facebook which includes support for PHP4 and PHP5.  
Perl library for Facebook A CPAN Perl implementation of the Facebook API using the canonical Java and PHP implementations. By default it uses JSON::Any to parse the response Facebook's data.  
PHP Library for Facebook PHP 5 client library for the Facebook API. Wraps the core functions of the Facebook Platform.  
Pyfacebook: Python library for Facebook PyFacebook is a lightweight Python library for accessing Facebook's RESTful API.  
RFacebook Ruby Gem Ruby gem for the Facebook API.  
Rfacebook: Ruby on Rails Library for Facebook RFacebook is a Ruby interface to the Facebook API. It hides all the nitty-gritty details behind a clean Ruby wrapper.  
Services_Facebook: PHP library for Facebook  A Pear PHP library for accessing the Facebook web services API.  
Using Ruby on Rails for Facebook Detailed tutorial on using Ruby on Rails for creating Facebook applications.  
VB.NET Facebook Library A VB.NET library for the Facebook API.  
Writing Facebook Applications Using Java EE Detailed tutorial on building Facebook apps using Java J2EE.  
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