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Facebook Mashups

Social page authority checkerEnter multiple URLs to analyze the interactions / popularity across Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest. The calculated social page authority score is based on the number of social interactions found for a specific URL.  
#S42ATThe #S42AT project lets you bookmark links you share by simply adding the #S42AT hashtag to your public status messages.  
44tips - your visual start pageWith 44tips.com you create a startpage with your favorite content. Import your photos, videos, music, bookmarks. View your favorite websites in one place. Discover similar content. Collect, save and share your content.  
50 Shops50Shops.com allows buyers to tap into the wisdom of crowds to help with their buying decisions. Site users can see which products their friends are buying or browsing and ask other users for feedback.  
AchivyAchivy adds some fun and gamification to your social life. Add Twitter,Tumblr, Foursquare Gowalla , Flickr, Stackoverflow, Klout and many other applications to your profile to see how many achievements, badges,scores you have and follow your progress. You can keep up with your friends, and see the other people’s achievements and activities - achivies.  
Advertisement Tool - AdverToolCentralized environment to efficiently manage your online advertisement campaigns no matter which network you are using for your messages. Open source.  
alem.comA way to stay connected with MSN and Facebook, play games, watch music videos, and be oOrganized.  
All of world national anthems mashup serviceThis application allows users listen to the national anthems of countries located all around the world.  
AOLMail for FacebookAOLMail lets you check on your new AOL mails from within Facebook.  
Arms DealerArms Dealer is a facilitator of small arms acquisition. Find and review gun shops, shooting ranges and other firearm related businesses.  
Arrivedin.comTravel mashup for business travellers - people who want to see all essential data about a particular city will find this site useful.  
Ascendify Talent CommunityAscendify makes it more efficient for enterprise companies to connect with future talent - think "lead nurturing of future employees." We transform a static listing of jobs and complicated application process at a company's website into an active, engaging talent community. Companies use Ascendify to build employment brand and amplify social referrals which drives down recruiting costs, reduces time to hire, and improves the quality of candidates.  
Audi 411Audi 411 provides Audi enthusiasts a real-time stream of Audi Twitter updates, Audi news, Audi pictures & wallpapers, Audi videos, Audi Facebook updates, Audi links, plus chat, and more.  
AuroraMapA realtime map of Northern Lights locations and photos. See the current aurora forecast and latest Flickr and Twitter posts related to the Aurora Borealis.  
Automagical.lyAutomagical.ly is a free service that monitors stuff you're interested in and notifies you when things happen.  
AutopendiumStuff about old cars. Keep a record of the restoration, customization and day-to-day life of your old car, and share resources and information with other old car owners.  
Banfield Flea FighterShows flea prevalence across the U.S., based on Google Trends data. If you download the coupon, your location will be added to the map. Also includes a store locator for finding nearby Banfield locations.  
BattleCellRisk evolved into massive Google Maps game with 55 million cells and instant action Arena tournaments.  
BeamsterBeamster magically connects you to the people and conversations that are happening around you.  
Benzel-BuschClick to call feature for luxury automobile dealership Benzel-Busch; sms marketing and service appointment scheduling.  
BILD.de DesktopBILD.de auf Ihrem Desktop - Nachrichten genau nach Ihrem Geschmack. Note: this application is available in German only.  
BingAgain"BingAgain" is a search engine developed with the aim of providing the BEST relevant results to users. What makes it unique? : You got to see ‘web’, ‘images’, ‘videos’, ‘news’, all results simultaneously in a single page. Not only this, but results (presently web only) are sorted out according to their popularity on “Facebook” which no doubt increases search result quality as well as their relevance.  
BirthdayGramBirthdayGram allows you to record an audio message for a friend on his or her birthday. Far more personal than a text message or a wall post, yet far easier than a phone call, sending a BirthdayGram will make someone's special day even more special! :)  
BizScramblerBizScrambler is your go to source for everything local. BizScambler is building a real time community of businesses that's accessible 24/365 on mobile and traditional computing devices. BizScambler is giving the power back to consumers and businesses in a whole new way. Businesses get free mobile apps, and consumers get free information.  
BlockWildBlockWild let's you post information directly to a local map where it can be discovered in your community by location and categories of content, such as: classifieds, events, rentals, social groups, services, etc. Search locally or wherever you are planning to travel.  
BlockWild Facebook Map ApplicationNeed to create a map for your Facebook page? Why send readers to a google or mapquest map when you could give them another reason to go to your Facebook page instead? Or keep them on your Facebook page. The BlockWild map application gives you the ability to create a map with an informative popup card on your Facebook page for events, rentals, classifieds, or anything you want to map.  
Blog on a MapSadakMap has developed a framework that allows blogging on the backdrop of a Map. Built on top of Google Maps and is integrated with Facebook and Flickr.  
BookBargainUsing API's to track prices of books and ebooks: Get best deals for your books and ebooks, in your currency and with shipping cost included. Manage your book’s shopping list and get notifications on price drops. Discover new books on the best sellers list. Find free ebooks.  
Brainfall Personality QuizzesUsing your Facebook login, explore the rich content of our website that is integrated with Facebook Connect and Application. Find your character by browsing through hundreds of personality quizzes and more.  
Breadcrumbs GPS Track ManagementBreadcrumbs is a free cutting edge online GPS track management software allowing you to upload GPS tracks with photos and videos for all of your adventures. You will be able to share them with your friends and connect to people who have the same interest as you. Breadcrumbs revolves around Google Earth, which is embedded in your browser.  
BriteclickBriteclick is a search that displays multiple sources of relevant information in a sidebar. View results without being forced to leave your current page.  
BuddyBlendBuddyBlend is a way to easily get all of your friends activities in one location without logging into a bunch of different Social Networks or making friends with people all over again.  
BuddyGuardBuddyGuard is a personal security service that turns your phone into a simple to use protection device.  
Butlins PostcardsAllows any iPhone, iPad, Android or Facebook user worldwide to send e-postcards to their friends and family whilst on holiday. Users can create and personalize their postcards then send via email, posted directly onto the user’s Facebook wall or by Twitter.  
Call My WallCall My Wall allows Facebook users to call in and leave posts on their Facebook wall over the telephone.  
Call The CompanyUse "Call the Company" to directly call human representatives at major companies. Just type in the company and/or department you are searching for, and click to connect right in your browser so you don't have to use expensive cell phone or long-distance minutes.  
CampusBirdCampusBird is the first interactive 3D and Maps-based school search site. Search for schools by name, location, scene, weather, school size, and more. CampusBird provides in depth profiles of more than 4800 schools and hundreds in 3D. Formerly called Egiate.  
CampusMareNostrumThe portal of the Inter-University Campus of Excelence of Murcia. The CMS made for this website integrate publication of videos, news, events, maps locations, audio files and images publishing directly in social sites : Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Flickr, etc.. all integrated in the same interface and included in the publishing workflow.  
CD Collection BrowserThis is a mashup I made to browse my CD collection online.  
Charts.fmCreate your own charts, find new music or radio stations, watch the videos of your favorite artist or band.  
ChatwingChatwing provides free live chat to any website or blog. Simply embed 2 lines of html code and you are live with a chat box. Deep Facebook and Twitter integration allows users to login with select accounts and also share directly from the chat to Facebook and Twitter with 1 click. Admins have the ability to delete chat messages in real-time and set banned word lists. Chatwing is a free chat widget that automatically brings an interactive element to any site in minutes.  
CheckinPluginCheckinPlugin beta is a service that allows your website visitors to check in your place on Facebook right when they browse. Your visitors can create future check-ins  
CheckinSpyCheckinSpy lets you view the places that you and your friends have checked in, using Google Street View. You can look at recent checkins that you or your friends have posted, or search for a specific friend.  
Child Soldier Cycle '11Child Soldier Cycle raises awareness in North America of the child soldiering atrocities going on in other parts of the world.  
Chinese Food MapA map and review platform for your favorite Chinese restaurants.  
Chit Chat for FacebookA Facebook Instant Messenger app for talking with your Facebook friends from your desktop rather than having to use your browser.  
ChromomulatorNews, videos, and pics about each of the top 100 Google searches (given via Google Hot Trends). Updated several times daily.  
CityStridesCityStrides gives you a street-level view of your running. ... Track your runs across the streets in your city to see how much you've completed and what's left to run. Can you run every street in your city? ... Track your shoes to see you how many miles they've got and what they're costing you per mile. ... Create & share routes to find new places to run, share your favorite runs, and compete against yourself and others in your city. ... Get detailed weather information for ALL of your runs - all the way back to the first run you ever tracked with RunKeeper. ... See how many steps you take during each run.  
Click2MessageClick2Message uses the Broadsoft platform to connect to users via their phone. Whether it is their mobile, land line, or voip phone. Additionally, it uses the MyVox platform to do voice recordings which will soon be available to all users.  
Cloud Call MeUsers with Cloud Call Me can call each other without revealing their phone numbers online. Each phone number is kept private and never revealed to other users.  
Cloud Last.fmA Last.fm gadget that gives a custom tag cloud on iGoogle based on genre labels input by and identified with a Last.fm ID. A Facebook version is available as well.  
Coast RadarA comprehensive guide for coastal activities using Google Maps and Facebook. Whether you are looking for a beach holiday, a day at the coast, a coastal path walk, tourist attractions or energetic sports activities, this site has the details.  
cocktailberatercocktailberater ist a German cocktail database containing quality recipes with description, ingredients, calories, pictures, video tutorials, etc. It also offers a product database for typical cocktail ingredients including prices and calories.  
Comic PoolComic Pool is a portal for free online comics. View funny comics from across the internet, or draw and share your own comics.  
ConnectedConnected is a personal relationship manager that brings your contacts and conversations together from email, social networks, calendar and phone.  
ConnectiCityThe city tells its stories. A prototype urban screen that shows in realtime the thoughts of the people living in that area, as desumed from social networks. Circles represent people interaction in the area of the screen, on Twitter, FriendFeed, FourSquare and Facebook, taking about the city of Rome. The bigger the dots are, the more interest the content has raised in internet users. If two dots are connected, there is some content or construct shared among them.  
connectme.ccconnectme.cc is a quick and easy way to share your contact information with anyone on the go. Send one text message with your email, phone number or Twitter username and connectme.cc will automagically deliver a message to them with your business card. This solution does not require you to share the same device, application or social network to connect.  
ConnectMyRideFree and social vehicle tracking system. Use your Android or iPhone to get live location, record your trips and manage expenses.  
conTEXTconTEXT allows users to semantically analyze text corpora (such as blogs, RSS/Atom feeds, Facebook, G+, Twitter, etc.) and provides novel ways for browsing and visualizing the results.  
DataCaliforniaView details and comment on California education, health and current legislation. Promotes collaboration by allowing users to submit ideas on how the government should spend taxpayer money.  
Digest ReportLittera Report is a source for independent media that promotes all original content by geographic region. Site is still under development and uses Facebook, Twitter, Twilio and Twilio SMS APIs.  
DittoDitto is a location iPhone app that lets users get recommendations about restaurants, movies and things to do.  
DoAt (do@) DoAt (do@) is a new mobile search engine for the iPhone. DoAt is an open platform for answering search queries and any developer can submit a web app to answer any type of query (music, movies, weather, restaurants, etc.).  
DocolocoFind, share, and follow the best places to shop, eat, and drink. Use it to ask for recommendations, recommend the places you love or hate, and follow people, places, and topics to track the best local places.  
DoDyDoDoDyDO is a social networking mashup that focuses on content sharing. You can post text, photos, maps, links, and more. The idea is that you can follow people and topics.  
DormItem Free College ClassifiedsA free college classified site that aggregates listings from niche college marketplaces across the country. Uses Google maps to feature microregional searching, integrated with Facebook, and has Rapleaf buyer-seller feedback system.  
Earn/Learn WebEarn/Learn Web helps users find the best websites to earnl/learn. Sites range from best PayPerTask to best SellYourArt.  
Emagister SymposiumEmagister Symposium is a new scientific and educational events portal licensed to different universities and educational and investigation centers.  
Embed FacebookWordPress plugin that lets you embed various Facebook objects by just pasting the URL anywhere in a post or page content. Supports Facebook albums, events, notes, videos, groups, pages, and individual pictures.  
EmbedPlus - Chrome Browser Extension for YouTube EmbedPlus is like YouTube on steroids! More seriously, it's a free and unique companion for the YouTube videos you find across the web when browsing with Chrome. You can now watch a video with enhanced (DVD-like) playback, and afterwards, even go beyond just YouTube.com comments to engage in reactions from a growing list of active communities like Twitter, Reddit, and Google+.  
EpiskeptisEpiskeptis helps users identify the best restaurants, bars, clubs and cafes in their city, with the help of their Facebook friends. Users are able to rate, recommend and share their favorites. Site is in Greek.  
Etsy SignatureDisplay your Etsy profile, shop or listings in a signature banner image which you can use in forums, emails, websites, blogs, etc.. This dynamic signature will update automatically if you change your profile, shop info or if you add new items to your shop.  
Europass.meTurn your LinkedIn and Facebook profile into Europass CV/Language Passport!  
Explore TEDxAlgerThis is an experimental work for TEDxAlger (Algeria). A page that shows who will be attending the event and Twitter streaming using HTML5 and Nodejs.  
Explore To Yellow PagesDisrupting traditional IYPs, (Internet Yellow Pages). Business listing data from Factual and using Flickr + Twitter with a relevancy algorithm to enrich content. Facebook, "Likes" are used as a ranking factor within Explore To search results and is the first local search engines to be truly, "Social Local" driven. Bit.ly is used to generate short URLs for social sharing.  
ExpressiExpressi answers the question "which". Which item is the most emotionally and personally relevant for me. Give it a try searching through Amazon products. See how your mood changes recommendations. Set your friends personality and see what might be relevant for them too.  
Face-PongPlay a Pong-like game with robot versions of your Facebook friends.  
Facebook 3Styler3Styler for Facebook lets you search for videos; send invitations to watch videos to friends; create your own video searching profile; manage playlists. Winner of AOL Video mashup contest.  
Facebook and Box.netAllows Box.net users to share content directly from their Box accounts to their Facebook accounts.  
Facebook AnswersAsk questions and get quick answers from your Facebook friends. Answer questions and earn points. See how you rank against other Facebook experts.  
Facebook Friend MapperSee where your Facebook friends are from.  
Facebook Friend PlotterSee where your friends are located in the UK. Click on the markers to see their details in the information window.  
Facebook Friends MapEver wanted to see all your Facebook friends on a map? With the "Facebook Friends Map" you can easily do so.  
Facebook Funny JokesApp lets you add random jokes to your Facebook Profile. Jokes come from a Google API-based site.  
Facebook Music with Last.FM and MTVFacebook app that displays all your Last.FM charts and recently purchased items from Items. Allows previewing of music and has artist profiles with Music Videos from MTV.  
Facebook Photo BrowserBrowsing photos on Facebook can be painfully hard. In Sharendipity, access your entire social graph in Facebook. This mashup gives you a way to view all photos, whether they are yours or your friends.  
Facebook SearchFacebook Search is a useful search tool for the Facebook social network. It is powered by the Facebook Open Graph API and returns data that is publicly available. Users can search across posts, photos, people, pages, groups and events without the need to login or have a Facebook account. Our service features a unique way to search for images, photos and graphics from the millions of 'Pages' that form part of the Facebook social network. Go further than traditional image search and discover a world of photos and images that have been hand curated by Facebook users.  
Facebook Sentiment Analysis ToolThis tool is written in PHP and it performs Sentiment Analysis on Facebook posts by using the Datumbox API 1.0v.  
Facebook VoicetagLeave or broadcast voice messages to your Facebook friends from your phone. No need for microphone or installed software. Works everywhere.  
Facebook Widget SlideshowMake an imageLoop slideshow on Facebook and show it to friends in your profile.  
FaceforceFaceforce integrates Facebook profile information with Salesforce data in real time, providing you with an instant 360 degree view of customers, prospects, and business associates. View and manage all your contacts in one place.  
FanbibleFanbible is a live music event guide that works on android, iPhone, iPad and desktop browsers. The application automatically detects a user's location and presents them with relevant information about live music events in their specific area, as well as links to more information about the shows and how to purchase tickets.  
favratsfavrats makes product suggestions based on your Facebook friends favorite movies, music, books or TV shows.  
FB Time MachineTime travel through Facebook with FB Time Machine. This mashup uses Facebook, Facebook Graph and the Google App Engine and lets you view all of your friends' status updates and posted links (ever). Results are displayed on one page.  
FeedbackFireFeedbackFire provides a feedback management solution for brick and mortar businesses to increase feedback and analyze results easily.  
FeederaFeedera is a personalized Twitter digest of the best content shared among your friends, delivered to your inbox every morning.  
fflapfflap is a collection of tools and services that uses social networks as a platform for eBay. The basic tools enable a user to search for listings, select the relevant items to tell their social networks about, add a personalized message, schedule when to inform social networks then track and graphically report the success of the fflapped message through bidding to sale.  
FireUploaderThis is a Firefox extension which allows you to upload, and download photos,files and videos using a user friendly FTP like interface to most of your favorite websites.  
FizzBoostBrings together Facebook desktop alert programs into one interface. View recent notifications, photos, an alphabetical Friend list, and receive alerts and upload photos. FizzBoost is a companion to Facebook.  
FlickrbookFlickrbook lets you showcase your Flickr photos and sets on your Facebook profile. Plus, with Flickrbook, you can tag your Facebook friends on your Flickr photos and see photos of yourself tagged by your friends.  
FlotzamWatch the data that you care about in this screensaver mashup of Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, and blogs. This visualization lets you configure what you want to watch and the speed in which you see it.  
Food GeekFood Geek is a Facebook app allowing you to spare restaurant reviews, directions, and other info with your Friends. You can make plans by sending Facebook Friends notifications and emails. Food Geek messages, include directions, link to reviews, and more.  
Fotobabble Business Marketing CollectionSample business generated talking photos, used for marketing purposes. Engage customers and then share on popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.  
FotoViewrA 3D slideshow and photo gallery widget for your Flickr and Smugmug photos. Also available in Facebook, iGoogle, and WordPress plugins  
Free e commerce cart for facebookFacebook's #1 E-Commerce Solution Launch a storefront on your User profile or Facebook page with Muncom's Facebook e-commerce solution. Muncom's Facebook app gives you everything you need to manage your storefront, products and sales.  
Friend ExplorerRelationship visualization site. Graph your Facebook friends and their connections to each other.  
Friend Fare FinderFriend Fare Finder lets visitors see which of their Facebook friends are the cheapest to visit. By utilizing Facebook, Kayak and Google Maps APIs, we are able plot friends on the map and list the cheapest upcoming airfare and travel dates to visit them.  
FriendbinderFriendbinder brings together your friends from different social networks. It lets you keep track of all your friends in one place, saving you time and lets you post updates.  
FriendcupCreate a unique Mug featuring all your friends profile-images. It is an easy and fun way to show the world who your best friends are. Besides coffee-cups we also have glasses and beer-mugs.  
FriendLensA better Facebook photo viewer. No clicks, no albums, no distractions - just your entire network's photo history in one perfect feed.  
FriendLynxFriendLynx enables you to find your Facebook friends on Twitter and follow them in a couple of clicks. You can also create Twitter lists with your Facebook friends and follow then through these lists. Also installing this application will help your Facebook friends to find you on Twitter.  
FriendshirtCreate a unique T-Shirt featuring all your friends profile-images. It is easy and fun to show the world who your best friends are.  
FunFriendFotosHave fun with your friends' Facebook photos. A Facebook app that integrates the Picnik photo editing API.  
Funny Vines - Thebestvines.tvThis Mashup aggregates Vine videos from around the world. Have fun searching for new videos that you have not yet seen.  
G4ngFrom the site: The G4 is a powerful tool for everybody who wants to keep his/her geo-spatial data organized, analyzed and accessible from around the world with ability to share and collaborate with friends.  
Garage Sale ApplicationNew Zealand garage sale application using Google Maps, Facebook and Streetview.  
Gawkk.comGawkk.com is a community-based social video sharing website that specializes in allowing people to collect and share videos with their friends. Like Twitter for video.  
GeckoGoTravel planning site for independent travelers integrating Google Maps, Flickr, and various social networks for photo albums, trip planning, blogging and guide browsing.  
Geek BreakfastGlobal site for Geek Breakfast. Uses Facebook as primary user authentication system  
GeoUpdaterReads your location from FireEagle as you move and automatically pushes status updates to Facebook or generates a personal GeoRSS feed. Recent locations can also be displayed on a map and linked from status updates with nearby wikipedia entries.  
GiftivoGiftivo is a gift recommendation website that works by importing your friends' Facebook profile data to provide customized gift ideas. Giftivo can also recommend gifts for friends with limited Facebook profiles or people with no Facebook profiles at all through a unique customization dashboard.  
Glastonbury 2009 Lineup MashupA mashup adding information from last.fm, amazon, the BBC and through them Music Brainz and Wikipedia, as well as music from LazyTune and videos from Google to the Glastonbury 2009 lineup. Includes Facebook app to mark bands.  
GmarjilGmarjil notifies you when certain Facebook friends are available, even when you are not online.  
GolfersfieldGolf Tournament Event Engine, Golf Connections & Game improvement  
GOOL.LIData under a category became an information and the aggregation of all these categories bring us the knowledge. we designed Gool.li by using these guidance : The Knowledge as a Service The Architecture is elastic and realtime The Design Pattern is Enterprise Mashaups The categories follow the cards design The filters are thought for each card and category The UI design is responsive and multi-platform General Search is regrouping links by domains Social integration is soft as we believe in the network more than single nodes Gool.li is a service more than a search engine. We search, we filter, we adjust, we categorize the infos and this in a single SERP. Because all we wanted is to learn, discover and dream. Others call it Beta Mode, we call it learning Stage. Gool.li algorithm needs to be enhanced by your usage, comments and support! Gool.li is crafted by : Mohamed Kahlain & Jawad Jari  
GrabEveryGrabEvery is shopping price comparison site with a coupons and coupon codes. Several millions of products from thousands of stores on one place.  
Greg's AlertsQuery location, keywords and specific price range on Craigslist and receive email and/or text notifications when the items you want are listed.  
GruvrGoogle Maps plus MySpace gives you band tour maps with this handy mashup.  
GuardlyGuardly is a mobile personal safety service that empowers people to alert, connect and collaborate with local authorities as well as their own personal safety networks in a single tap.  
Guess The Winner South Africa 2010Share your favorites for World Cup 2010 South Africa and see your friends favorites on Facebook.  
Guia PostosMap-based price and fuel quality reporting community covering Brazil. Try searching for "Rio de Janeiro"  
GuidebnbFind local guides to travel with. Guidebnb patterns itself after Airbnb but is used to locate guides.  
Gym sqFoursquare, Facebook and Twitter mashup.  
Hawkee Technology NetworkSocial network for techs with a focus on development and computers.  
HeadupHeadup is a Semantic Web Firefox addon that brings you content related to your interests, friends and contacts.  
Healthy LemurHealthy Lemur is an app that lets you publicly commit to exercise: - Link your foursquare account - Select the number of days per week that you're going to exercise - Link your facebook and/or twitter accounts And you're all set! We will track every time you go to the gym and every Monday, we will post on facebook and/or twitter account if you have reached your goal (or we will shame you publicly if you haven't!)  
Highest Hits VideosHighest Hits is a YouTube video search app. Users can share videos on Facebook and comment using their Facebook ID. Videos can be viewed normally or by using jQuery Lightbox.  
HipsterHipster lets users uncover information about real world locations. The iPhone app uses Foursquare, Gowalla and Facebook to let users follow locations that they’ve checked in to.  
Holiday CardrFacebook app that creates eCards from your photo gallery, custom text input and designed templates. Also allows you to select friends to share with and allows you to Tweet it.  
Hotel MapzHotelmapz.com is a German search engine for worldwide hotel rooms. It allows users to search for hotel deals on more than 30 different booking websites with one single query. All available hotels will be shown with actual room rates on Google Maps.  
I Told YouI Told You allows you to read all of your and your friend's status updates, in one place. You can also read your friends' old statuses, from when you weren't even friends on Facebook. You will also find all comments related to each status updates. Also exports statuses as ebook pdf, txt, doc.  
I would have liked to be one of youSteal statuses and names of your friends on Facebook.  
iconize.meA new way to communicate on facebook. Combine icons and post them on facebook.  
idlassoidlasso is designed to bring all your web identities into one place to create cards. These cards are widgets that can be added to your blog, website, facebook account or any other place that allows JavaScript.  
iFashion Android applicationShare your fashion style with friends on Facebook. Find beautiful dresses, stunning accessories and favorite designer brands.  
iFilesiFiles is the most intuitive file manager for iOS with features like connectivity to many file cloud services, transferring files between computer or cloud services, ability to view many file formats (PDF viewer now supports annotations, search and more), voice recorder, web downloader, text file editor and more.  
ILocyLove your town!  
imagegalleryimagegallery leverages the AOL Pictures, Facebook, Google AdWords, Google Ajax Search, Google App Engine, Google Search, and Images API to bring different kinds of images to the site.  
ImaginalaxyPhoto sharing an enormous 2-d surface. GoogleMaps-style navigation. Place, arrange, rotate, re-size images to form photo collages. Edit images in real-time with friends. Share to Facebook, Myspace, and other services.  
in1.comIn1 is a social aggregation, discovery and sharing platform that combines feeds from multiple social networks. In provides content discover, one-click sharing and single channel promotion for brands.  
InittInitt is a simple start page created for spanish-speaking countries.  
instaLyricsThe lyrics instant search engine  
Instantly WebUses Google API to go instantly to "I'm feeling lucky" result below the search. It's inspired by Google Instant and YouTube Instant.  
InstantPlexInstantPlex lets users browse the Netflix instant watch library. Discover, queue and watch trailers, movies and T.V. shows. View your favorite actor's Twitter feed and share favorites with your friends on Facebook.  
iPhoneLocator for FacebookSocial mobile tracking with the iPhone on Facebook. Find iPhone-using friends near you.  
IpokiA GPS-based social network that allows people to share geolocation data using a small application installed in their mobile devices. Follow in Google Earth real-time, send photos to Flickr, map to blogs, and more.  
Is It Cookie Time?Well... is it?  
ItoonerItooner is a facebook application where you can draw comic book ballons on top of famous photos.  
iTrackmine.comAre you the type of person who likes to be organized? Have you ever seen something cool and can't remember if you already own it? Then you'll love iTrackmine.com -- an aggregator of everything you own.  
JewformeJewforme is a simple Jewish dating site that integrates Facebook, Twitter and other social tools.  
JobSpeekJobSpeek is a free mobile job posting app that re-imagines the traditional job description. Our format lets you add a picture of your business and the ability to record a 60 second audio “hiring message” right from your mobile device.  
JournamaticConnect your social media sites and Journamatic creates a daily journal automatically from your check-ins, photos, tweets and status updates.  
kakao2 is weather mapkakao2 is an interactive weather map that allows users to view cloud cover and weather updates by manipulating a map of Asia.  
Keep Up With JonesThis Facebook app allows you to connect to Zillow from Facebook. View information about your house and see what your friends houses are worth.  
KeewlKeewl 2.0 Search Engine  
KiwifruutKiwifruut is a online video service to discover and enjoy more youtube videos through your friends.  
KPI watchdogOnline tool for monitoring the key business metrics independently of the source of data.  
KukunuKukunu is a new travel planning experience that simplifies the life of travellers around the world. Travelers can collaborate to create their itinerary then add transports, hotels, restaurants, activities and sights across the cities they plan to visit.  
KulishaThe Kulisha mashup allows you to pin your social feeds with its proprietary social feed aggregation.  
KwiClickKwiClick is a browser addon that enhances the way you view and retrieve information from your favorite services. KwiClick removes the need to open a new tab to get information from Google, Google Maps, Wikipedia, Amazon, YouTube, FriendFeed and more.  
LalalocalLalalocal aggregates local news and blog content with emerging interactive and social networking tools to provide users with a unique view into the city they love and advertisers with the targeted reach they crave.  
LastFaceA Mozilla Firefox extension allowing users to view what music their facebook friends listen to and how similar their tastes are. View what music their Facebook users have recently being listening to on Last.fm and what their current chart is.  
Learn10Learn10 was built to help people create a daily learning habit. The ethos is simple - once you become a member of Learn10 you will automatically be sent short, daily learning tasks - such as 10 new words in a foreign language.  
Learnit ListsThis mashup has now been replaced with our new rebranded version, you can find it at www.learn10.com  
LifeTweaker track, graph, tweak, find trends in your habits and share on facebook, twitter, etc. more 'input' APIs to follow  
Like Exchangelikeexchange.net is a website that enables Facebook fan page discovery and helps its members exchange likes with each other.  
LionyzerWebsite analytics and classification mashup Lionyzer analyzes content, environment, current popularity and other parameters, assigns a grade and provides helpful advice to improve a site.  
LipMeInspired by the mock interviews featured on Late Night With Conan O’Brien, LipMe allows users to cut the mouth out of any face - a newly taken picture of a friend, celebrity, animal or even an inanimate object - and create an impersonation using their device’s front-facing camera. The app allows for users to add their voice to any photo, edit it using the Aviary tool, and share it through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and email. Available for iPhone 4, iPad 2 and iPod Touch.  
ListnrLIstnr is a free music search and discovery site with over six million tracks available for streaming. Users can build playlists and share with Facebook friends.  
LocalleyLocalley is a tool that broadens the functionality of the Facebook Places feature by letting you check in various places using a date and time in the future.  
LocalmindLocalmind offers a local conversation platform that lets users search for nearby conversations, create new conversations and interact with current conversations at specific locations around the world.  
locfeedlocfeed visualizes your facebook feed/stream in an interactive map  
LoginRadiusA unified social tool that simplifies social login and single sign-on implementation. With the tool, you can allow users to log into your website using Facebook, Twitter, Google, Amazon, LinkedIn, and 25 more ID providers. You can also get accurate social profile data and social analytics.  
Look What I FoundLook is a unique one-page eBay search engine. No repeat searching, no multiple pages. Available on Facebook.  
LookWhoLookWho helps you meet new people in real places. Instantly learn who is in the same room or event.  
Lost and Found Pets IrelandWe combine the API's from Facebook, Twitter, Bebo, Flickr, Google Buzz and MySpace to leverage the power of social networking to reunite lost Irish pets with their owners in Ireland.  
Lyricat Lyricat is a collaborative song lyrics translation wiki and search engine. Make a translation requests to the Lyricat community or contribute and earn reputation points.  
LyricsGaps.comA fun method to learn and improve your foreign languages like English, French or Italian through music and typing-in song lyrics.  
LyricStatusLyricStatus allows you to share your favorite lyrics with your Facebook friends. Simply highlight your favorite lines from a song and post straight to Facebook as a status. You can post lyrics to your own wall, or you can utilize the Facebook Graph API to post to your friends' wall.  
mademyday.tvCollect and share all that makes your day fun and better.View daily best videos selected by You, your friends and others.  
Magento Facebook AppThe Magento Facebook app allows you to integrate social shopping via Facebook. Facebook marketing is the most preferred marketing strategy in social media. Every small/big online business makes use of Facebook advantage as it conveys word-of-mouth advertising resulting in effective business.  
Mallicious Social ShoppingMallicious offers a social shopping experience that leverages real life relationships on Facebook to help consumers find online deals.  
Map A ListA wizard for creating and managing customized Google maps of address lists. Also has a Facebook app for mapping your friends.  
Mapify.usMapify answers the question "What's Happening Nearby?" by showing local events as points on a map.  
MapinterestMapinterest links Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube with Facebook Places. You follow people on Twitter, on Facebook you follow your friends, on Pinterest you follow topics and on Mapinterest you follow places.  
MapMateMapMate is a new way to update your Facebook status. You can plot your current location and set your status anywhere using Virtual Earth.  
MapMyFriends- A Facebook AppThis app uses your facebook login and plots your facebook friends over Google Map in a very beautiful manner.  
MapMyFriends.inMapMyFriends is an app which plots your Facebook friends on a Google map. See multiple images over a same location seperated in an innovative way.  
MappyfriendsMappyfriends is a location based recommendations network that shows your friends where you have been and recommends you places to go. Mappyfriends enables you to search your friends experiences in order to create your own.  
mapTheGraph!mapTheGraph is a location based social network, currently integrated with Facebook. It lets you update and share interesting places you've been to on a map. It is a social network that replaces the status update with the location update.  
MapYourBuddiesAfter you have logged in to MapYourBuddies, this mashup will display your friends from Facebook on a Google Map and give gift recommendations from Amazon based on your friends favorite music.  
MarcellusAn online video management service to publish, manage and deliver online video.  
MarketMeSuiteThe Social Media Marketing Dashboard  
MashedInView mutual connections across Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.  
Mashup ArtsCreate video and photo ecards. Lets you integrate community content from Facebook, Flickr Picasa, and YouTube. Collaborate with a social ecard.  
matchFWD: Smart Social RecruitingmatchFWD’s social recruiting platform connects hiring managers with talented people through mutual Facebook and LinkedIn contacts. Users help friends grow their business and find better career opportunities, while building their online reputation and earn referral bonuses.  
Math Quotes for AndroidUses Facebook and I Heart Quotes APIs to send math and physics quotes to your Android phone.  
MatterMeterA service where you can share opinions about products, services and people. Tell others what brands matter and don't matter to you. Then see how other people have "matterized" those same brands.  
MeechMeProvides a place for any web page for visitors to meet, chat, share their social profiles and photos and videos. There's also a play stock market where users can invest in social profiles and web pages.  
MeedeorMeedeor gives you a gallery to store and showcase your mobile photography. Post photos via email, text or iPhone app and explore them on your phone or computer. Connect with Facebook and Twitter to share your entries.  
meetbymapsRealtime geolocated chat. Coming soon- events and other surprises. Site is in Italian.  
MemolaneCapture your memories from popular social media sites. See, search and share your photos, music, video, status updates, blog posts and more.  
MemorybookA puzzle-match game that integrates the photos of your Facebook friends. It was built using the Sharendipity platform.  
Mi WorldProvides comprehensive information about the most famous wonders of the world using Google Maps, Google Feeds, Flickr, and Facebook APIs. Recommends wonders users might be interested in based on their input.  
MiniDatesMiniDat.es is an online speed dating application that connects singles via actual phone conversations rather than impersonal chat rooms or emails. Along the same lines of speed dating, our phone conversations or "mini dates" are limited to three minutes each. This is enough time for users to meet each other and chat but not too much time in case someone isn't interested or doesn't feel a connection. When the three minutes are up, users are asked if they would like to continue the conversation. If both users say "yes", the connection stays open and they can talk on MiniDat.es for as long as they want. But if someone says "no", the connection is closed and both people go their separate ways. No hurt feelings, no need to "let her down easily" and no awkward, half-hug on your doorstep.  
MIXTAP.INCreate and share online mixtapes by choosing individual tracks or getting one created automatically based on an artist that you like.  
MoochSpotIf you forgot how much you owe from that last group dinner, then you need MoochSpot. It helps you and your friends easily track expenses. Built on the Facebook API.  
MoreDeetsReal-time, private communication from web users to you, from anywhere. No software required.  
MosotoMosoto is a new way to share and connect with your Facebook friends. With Mosoto you can share files, chat with friends and discover people and media in your social network. Social streaming media.  
MovieDNAiPhone app collecting all kinds of information on movies, actors, directors, using a variety of APIs.  
MsgTime.comCreate, share, upload, and store audio messages online for friends and creative uses.  
Music CreekPlay music videos of artists continuously, sync them between YouTube and local iTunes, and sync them with your iPod or iPhone. Also provides video playlists based on top ranking of iTMS and other sources.  
MusicLink.fmMusicLink.fm is a mashup between Amazon, Grooveshark and Facebook that lets you stream full albums for free. MusicLink also lets you see what your friends are listening to.  
Muskie's Favourite Quotation MashupA mashup displaying my collected favourite quotations and sourcing data from various APIs.  
My Bucket List Easily create, manage and share a list of your life goals. Upload photos and videos. Help others achieve their dreams.  
My Camps Facebook AppFacebook application for searching, rating, reviewing, and sharing summer camps. Put your favorite camps on the map and meet other friends who share the same experiences.  
My Friends and Music Cool online music player. Alternative to Lala or grooveshark. Over 8 million songs streaming all free. You can create your own playlist and share it with friends. Fully integrated with Facebook (friendsandmusic app).  
MyAdEngineA dashboard for online marketing for small to medium sized businesses. Connects with Google, Yahoo, MSN, and Facebook so that advertisers can manage their online advertising from 1 account.  
MyBackyard Coastal CarolinaProvides constantly updated news as well as crime reports, real estate transactions and more about the Wilmington, North Carolina, area.  
mybill.ismybill.is is a social media payments system. Connects social media networks with payment systems to quickly and easily create bills and manage them on the go.  
myDataBusThe MyDataBus service provides a simple way to store, transfer, and share your files online. Data can include photos, videos, and others. Integrates with social tools like Facebook. Integration with Snipshot allows online photo editing.  
MyLifeInWine.comMyLifeInWine is a way for you to catalog your wine interests and to connect to the selections of other wine drinkers. Review your wines quickly or make detailed expert opinions.  
MyShopping FacebookUse the MyShopping application for Facebook to connect with friends, co-workers, or family on your daily shopping activities.  
MyTube60 Power Hour VideosThe site allows you to search YouTube videos and then merge and edit them together to make power hour videos. Once the video is published, it is keyworded from YouTube's data api.  
Naturized SpotsManage and share your favorite action-driven and nature-aware spots on a Google Map and explore those of your Facebook friends.  
NearishNearish.com puts you on a map with other Facebook users, allowing you to connect with people around you in realtime and "visit" others far away.  
Ness Dining GuideMeet Ness, a beautiful new way to discover restaurants. Ness learns your likes and uses them to recommend restaurant. The more you use Ness, the better it works.  
Netflix Movies on FacebookIntegrates Netflix into Facebook. Allows you to add movies, see friends with Netflix, and display your queue and movies at home on your Facebook profile.  
NetTickrAllows users to add RSS feeds, applications, email and web sites to their personal Ticker. NetTickr is always scanning the users net for new items and displays the content in the users NetTickr.  
NetvibezWatch videos from YouTube, AOL, Yahoo, Metacafe; view Flickr images, search for music from Pandora, and play games. Use the Hide Me feature to quickly hide the site if you are at work.  
NightfeedNightfeed.com is a social, user-driven mashup of Google Maps and Facebook designed to let friends find nightlife.  
NiteFly: The Future of NightlifeSee Manhattan Nightlife from a bird's eye view and find your scene with our built in real time Twitter feeds and Foursquare Tips/Checkin Data. Check out your favorite spots by Male:Female ratio so you find the night you're looking for.  
NoboshNews stories for everything from the latest current business news, tech news, health news, advertising news, and corporate blogs. All powered by nobosh's algorithms.  
NoozlySocial news since 2009  
ocell.usA social bookmarking site and Facebook application. The entire site and all of it's features are available through the Facebook application. The site also uses the delicious API to allow users to import all of their delicious bookmarks into ocell.us easily. Beyond this ocell.us uses the Twitter API to allow people to bookmark links from tweets automatically.  
oddflowerSelf organizing social bookmarking. Dynamically clusters links and people and visualizes users interests. Constructs complex dynamic queries for automatic AJAX searches and generates highly personalized RSS feeds.  
oGoWoooGoWoo is a free word of mouth advertising system. The system uses the Facebook API for post advertising or promotional messages on users Facebook walls on their behalf, as return they get gifts and discounts.  
Ohrwur.meOhrwurm is German for Earworm: "A tune that is stuck in one's head, especially as unwanted or repetitive". Detects those kind of songs and automatically lets the world know about them via twitter, facebook, etc.. Uses Last.fm as the basis for the listening analysis.  
OilaholicGet Gulf oil spill updates and oil spill clean up news, see oil spill photos, watch oil spill videos, chat about oil spills and more at Oilaholic.com.  
OMOM - Online Members On MapOnline members from Ning.com, Hi5.com, Facebook.com, Bebo.com, Orkut.com, and MySpace.com on a Google Map. 34 supported languages, such as English, Turkish, Arabic, and Bulgarian.  
One of YouSteal statuses and names of your friends on Facebook.  
OptrataOptrata.com mashes up your profiles from all over the web. Displaying your latest updates from all of your different accounts on one easy page.  
OrcheederOrcheeder is a social network for orchid lovers. The site includes pictures as well as any information you could ever need to know about orchids.  
Our PlacesA Facebook app that combines Google Maps, Bigtribe Geohana, and Facebook. The result is a more social version of Yelp, with extra features, such as restaurant, golf, and hotel reservations.  
Party gatorA free app that combines facebook events with google maps location service.  
PeepGiftPeepGift emails you sweet Groupon deals for the cities your Facebook friends and family live in when their birthday or a holiday is coming up.  
People LookupFirefox add-on. Quickly look people up by highlighting their full name on a page and then right-clicking to search for them across Google, LinkedIn, Wikipedia, Facebook and more.  
Peppers and PollywogsKids party entertainer and venue mashup--aggregates photos, videos and reviews, and helps parents find the right kids entertainment within their budgets.  
Pet Profile on FaceBookAdd your pets to your Facebook profile page.  
Phonzy AudiopostUpdate your Facebook status with a link to the audio over the phone.  
PhotohabPhotoHab is new professional social networks for photographers featuring blogging, photo sharing, interactive forums, personalized profiles, and place where photographers from all experience levels can share their knowledge and learn from others.  
Phreetings App for FacebookMake photo and video e-greetings using Flickr and YouTube content: search, drag and drop, type message and Send.  
Pick a ProfService for rating professors on campus. Now integrates with your Facebook details and friends. See which profs tend to give As and which give Fs.  
Picomp'itPicomp'it is a service to create and host a photo contest, set some options, add photos from social networks, share your contest and see vote's results!  
PictarineA social network to share photos. It collects automatically all your photos and contacts from Facebook, Flickr and Picasa and allows you to share your photos with your friends whatever their website is.  
PicWash Photo Retouch ServicePicWash is a photo retouch service where real designers edit user photos starting at $7 each. We remove acne, whiten teeth, reduce wrinkles, facial shine, and more. Our service is connected to APIs of major photo storage and sharing sites.  
PigeonMapFree classified ads on a map.  
PinbooksPinbooks is a search engine and community for books with google maps mash-up, deep integration into facebook, and amazon partner program; users can search books and "pin" books according to location, time and/or genre of the story; users can build friendships within the pinbooks community and they can share their actions on pinbooks with their facebook friends  
PixelpipeA federated media upload platform supporting a multitude of both output and input APIs, providers, protocols and applications.  
PlaceMixTravel search mashup portal that lets users track all the information about their favorite places. Also uses World66 open guide book and CIA Factbook maps. More on the way.  
Places from FacebookThis mashup lets you search places, copy locations to mobile, checkin anywhere and create mobile web pages for checkins.  
PlatdA user makes a call from their phone to Platd. They say the number of a car's license plate and then record a message for that driver.  
playmap.jpThis mashup displays a map of playgrounds in japan.  
Plocky.com: Get your e-life togetherPlocky.com provides a one-stop-shop to see all of your social network profiles in one place. Plocky.com notifies you of the major events: Whose birthday is coming up, who added or removed you, and who just moved out or switched jobs.  
PlugThe.NetThe Social Local Web Scan Plugin for your website.  
Poke The HabitThe online network for Sustainable Action. Combines multiple social APIs including Facebook and identity services like RPX.  
PopGraphA mashup of freebase, Facebook and Google Graph. Users write bite-size opinions on the millions of Freebase topics and gathers stats for crowd sourcing and popular opinion.  
PosterizerPosterizer is the best way to show what movies you love. Create a virtual poster wall with posters from you favorite movies. Export your poster wall to an image, and make it your new desktop background or facebook cover!  
printo.jpCreate large PDF posters, photo books and contact sheets. Download images to your computer or share them via Facebook, email, or the printo.jp gallery.  
Puzzle for FacebookLets you take any Facebook profile (your own if you login) and create a puzzle from it. You can play on-site or copy this puzzle right to your mobile phone as HTML5 mobile web application  
Question PileQuestion Pile is a collection of games based on information from Facebook and Flickr. The games include a challenging geography game, pick out the flickr photo that doesn't belong, How well do you know your Facebook friends and 4 others.  
Rate and Predict American IdolInteract with American Idol.  
RápidoQuickly post to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Foursquare within seconds! No need to copy/paste your updates to multiple apps, type it, send it, forget about it!  
Readit.MeA lightweight diary of books you've used and to share it with friends. Integrated with Amazon's catalog and Facebook. Hosted on Heroku.  
RelocatorIndeed job search integrated with Facebook and LinkedIn - find jobs close to friends, and see who you know (or contacts know) at those offering the job.  
Remembered.com Create Online Memorials and Share them with your Facebook Friends and Family  
RendezbookA crush system for Facebook. Tell the system who you would like to become better friends with, date, or have a fling with, and if they feel the same way, you'll be sent an e-mail.  
Rent Compass Facebook AppThe app allows users to search for rental apartments and houses right on Facebook. A combination of Google Map and Facebook API mashup allows users to search for rentals, share postings with friends, message them or simply chat to ask for opinion.  
rePownceShare Pownce on Facebook. rePownce publishes your Pownce notes to your Facebook profile, feeds, and status. You can also post notes from rePownce.  
Research And CompareUsers can compare products from many different stores and brands and get feedback from their friends and communities about which products to buy.  
Retro Avatar for FacebookGenerates a profile image for your unique Facebook ID. Can be posted to the Wall and Profile page. Shows how all your friends look like as Retro Avatar.  
RingRingBabyService offered through hospitals that gives parents of new borns the ability to set up a notification list, record a single message when the baby is born and the alert is sent to all recipients.  
RippleFunctionSell more tickets by rewarding attendees for sharing on facebook and twitter.  
RutaminaNetwork for routes, travels, bikes, cars, and more. Integrated with social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google Maps.  
SafetyGridSafetyGrid is a personal emergency alert system for mobile devices. Receive alerts via telephone, SMS message, Facebook or email. Currently available on iPhone and iPad.  
San Francisco School-Pot MapThe site mashes up San Francisco public-school and marijuana-dispensary data. The map shows walking distances from each public school to the nearest marijuana dispensary and vice versa.  
Score ChiefScore Chief is a game portal. The games are coming from Mochi Media via their feeds. Their score api is also used to register user scores. Users login using their Facebook account and when they get a high-score the script can post to their wall.For comments the Facebook Social comment plugin is used on the portal  
ScupalScupal is a social buying website that has been launched in India since November 2011. Scupal’s unique concept is to bring the true power of social network based buying to end consumers. Scupal is not a daily discount or daily deal sites that have sprung up across the world.  
SeatSimpleSeatSimple allows reservations to be made by automated phone messages to a business's point of sales instantly. Book appointments via website or Facebook page, without the need for an internet connection at your point of sale.  
Sell SimplySell Simply is the simplest way to buy and sell anything.  
Send Photos To IndiaYouSendPhotos.com provides online Digital Photo Print Services to Indian community all over the world to share their joys with their family members at cheaper rates. You just need to logon to your Facebook or even you can upload your pictures to yousendphotos.com website and then select your great pictures. Thats it, YouSendPhotos.com pick them from there, print in required format and Send Photo Prints to Your Home In India earlist possible. Yes, now with YouSendPhotos.com you can Send Quality Photos to India very easily from anyware and everywhere with affordable prices.  
SendMusic2.MeSendMusic2.Me is a great tool for getting best music from friends.  
SendShortySendShorty is a Short Message Service (SMS) for business. Uses Twilio and Twilio SMS APIs.  
SetlistingA site for setlists and statistics on artists concert chronology.  
Shared CountShared Count is a small utility that will fetch social media shares for a url  
ShareMetric Chrome ExtensionPulls social network share counts into your Chrome browser. Utilizes APIs from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Delicious, Reddit, Pinterest, and StumbleUpon.  
Shark the MarketShark the Market is an investor relations site using Twitter and Facebook.  
ShopseenA social shopping site focusing on local stores. Users post pictures of products from their computer or mobile phone with a description and the store they found it at.  
Shout NowShoutNow makes sharing your voice through Twitter, Facebook and phones simple and easy. Instantly share voice messages with your friends, family, teams, employees or customers.  
ShowTribeShowTribe is a twitter based web application that lets TV fans keep up with the latest buzz surrounding their favorite TV shows and makes watching TV a lot more interactive.  
Simple EnergySimple Energy uses social and game mechanics to engage energy customers and encourage them the reduce their energy consumption.  
Simple Music VideosFacebook app with a simple interface to view MTV music videos.  
SimplySubscribe.MeIs it possible to subscribe to a newsletter in as little as one click? I say yes. Mailchimp users can now embed this widget onto their site to federate list signups using Oauth as well as the traditional signup form.  
SkimzeeSkimzee is a free web app that combines web page summarization with social media search and web feed aggregation.  
SlideMyPicsFree HTML5 slideshows from Facebook, Flickr, Photobucket, Smugmug, Picasa, Youtube (as soundtrack music) and SlideshowBox HTML5 slideshow component.  
SmartTickrSmartTickr.com is a realtime Ajax Reader for RSS-Feeds, Twitter, Flicker, MySpace, Facebook, del.icio.us, LinkedIn, Ebay, YouTube, Jaiku and Last.fm.  
SnippeeSnippee lets you read, share and discuss the news and social snippets from all the services you use.  
Social ContactMeet a cool entrepreneur, investor, or tech person? Just ask for their twitter handle, text it to 203-403-NAME (203-403-6263), and instantly get a vcard for them that you can easily import into your phone or computer address book. It pulls a surprising amount of public and semi-public information from a variety of social and other sources. Some information that can be included: full name, company and title, email (occasionally), phone number (occasionally), home page url, home location (generally city-level), description, summary, Klout, photo, facebook profile link, and other social profile pages.  
Social OrganizerUse a calendar with your friends. Integrates with Facebook.  
socialConnectsocialConnect is a platform that uses the Social Actions API to search Social Actions from across 50+ sites and provides tools to the user to promote the Social Actions on various networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Blogger.  
SocialSearcher Android AppAndroid Application "Social Searcher" - Facebook Search Without Logging in. Make your keyword search around Facebook and find out what people are talking about now. Application supports all languages for searching. Social Searcher allows you to open links from search results in your Android web browser, sort search results by date/time, sort search results by number of “likes” and filter by country.  
Sociotoco SearchSociotoco Search helps you find online profiles in most commonly used social networks like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook - all on one place.  
Song of the dayThis application will give you a (random) song each day (writes on your wall). You can also share a song with any of your friends.  
SongDNAThe SongDNA iPhone app aims to be *the* source for song information. It collects data on any song from over 10 sources on the internet: the lyrics, the video's, the bio, the highest rank in the charts, gigs, tweets, you name it, SongDNA shows it!  
SongFightSongFight is a facebook game where users listen to songs and try to guess who's the artist. It's completely user-generated. Each user can create his own quizz and promote it. Songs and metadata are retrieved from Last.fm and EchoNest.  
SoundcrySoundcry is a media search engine and playlist management tool.  
SoundtrackingSoundtracking lets users announce what music they are listening to along with where they are and what they are doing at the time.  
SpatialbookA simple solution for describe a location using the wall publishing feature, easy updating your latest location by integrate your Google Public Location Badge for updating your latest location automatically using Google maps application on your phone  
Speed Phone DatingAllows people to register for 10 minute speed dating seminars that are conducted over the phone. All calls are dialed using a Twilio number for the caller ID, keeping the user's phone numbers private.  
Spidi The FoxInstant search for YouTube, Digg and Flickr. Once YouTube video is playing you can still view photos and news from Digg.  
spiggler: Tweets on StreetsSpiggler gives you "tweets on the streets" - mapping geolocated tweets onto a Google Map. NEW - now includes local news, Foursquare and Facebook mapping.  
SpincloudWeather mashup with tagging, forecasting, and commenting, plus personalization and weather tracking. RSS enabled. Registration via OpenId or Facebook Connect.  
SpinletsSpinlets are small widgets for Web 2.0 sites you can post onto your blog, website or network profile.  
SportmeetsSportmeets connects online users who love sports so that they can meet, organize their teams and events and compete offline.  
Spot2be AppA short url service for locations. Share your locations among devices the easiest way possible.  
StadtkinderFind out what events are going on in your city, which locations are hot right now and where your friends are. Currently only supports select cities in Austria.  
Starclips.comStars and celebrity social profiles.  
StartpixYour visual personal startpage. It lets you make your own visual startpage and share it with friends and communities.  
Status SpeakUsing Google Translate (Text to Speech) and Facebook, Status Speak allows you to listen to all your friends' latest status updates for a given time period.  
Stay in TouchWe all have people in our lives we'd like to talk to more often. Stay In Touch is a simple app that helps you prioritize and stay connected to the family and friends you care about.  
StreetMavensWhat is happening in your city. Streetmavens shows feeds of what is happening in your city and allows messaging, conversation. Photos coming soon!  
Stunningapps.netStunningapps.net provides an easy interface for mobile app lovers to discover and share Android and iPhone apps and games on Facebook using social features.  
SuittsMeSuittsMe is a social shopping service, that allows users to share and discuss clothes, they want to buy in future.  
Sunglass MashupSunglass Mashup takes your Facebook profile pictures and lets you try different pairs of sunglasses on those pictures. Here is a demo that does not require a Facebook login: http://www.sunglassmashup.com/main.html?demo  
SuperMeeple"Check in" to your favorite board games. Uses Facebook for identity, Freebase for the database of board games and Google App Engine to provide the platform.  
Supermetrics Data GrabberSupermetrics Data Grabber fetches your Google Analytics, AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook & YouTube data to MS Excel on Windows and Mac. Eliminate time-consuming manual data fetching, processing and visualization work. Designed especially for people working with lots of sites / PPC campaigns / Facebook pages, to make it easier to get all the data in one place.  
SwurlSwurl is a place to bring all the things you do online together to share in a blog-like format. Uses over 13 different APIs.  
SymbyozA social utility to keep in touch more often and more easily with important friends from major social networks.  
taaza.comSearch engine site that aggregates results from leading job sites in India. Also search Taaza.com for travel guides, personal finance information, online classifieds and news.  
Taglets NotifierIntegrates Taglets.org with Facebook to send one-line notifications when someone comments on tags you are following on Taglets.org. Provides a Taglets-enabled notes-like app for posting keyword-tagged notes.  
TagsInActionIn the beginning there was the hashtag and the hashtag was all over the web and the web was a hashtag... Use more hashtags!  
TagsUpTagsUp.com combines search engines from dozens of companies and returns web, image, video, shopping, auction, classified, realtime, news, blog or discussion results.  
Take Kerala (India)A website about holidays and ayurveda treatments in Kerala. With maps, flickr images and easy booking of your vacation.  
TalkSatisfactionTalkSatisfaction lets you engage in real conversations with your customers. All right from your website. No phone required.  
TapGuestTapGuest is a digital waitlist application for iPad and mobile phones that uses Twilio and Twilio SMS APIs.  
TargetMapFree online mapping tool to see and share your data on GoogleMaps. Just choose a country and a way to create your map by color, type values or by uploading your excel files (you can even use your zip/postal code column to get the best and most accurate maps). Publish and share maps.  
TarpipeTarpipe is a social media platform that automates the process of discovering and distributing information on multiple web applications, using a visual, workflow oriented interface.  
Taxipedia.coTaxipedia.co is the encyclopedia of taxis in Colombia where you can rate the service of taxi drivers nationwide. Site is in Spanish.  
TeachStreetTeachStreet helps lifelong learners find great classes and teachers, empowering teachers with robust online tools to manage their teaching businesses, and enabling schools to more effectively generate leads for their classes.  
TeamLeaksTeamLeaks brings you the latest sports news, blogs, and tweets from thousands of sources. Search, submit, and vote for stories about your favorite teams.  
TeletkaTeletka is an online/phone service that allows you to connect your Facebook account with phone numbers. Once you are officially authenticated with Teletka, you can start posting audio messages to your Facebook wall. All you have to do is call Teletka and leave a message.  
The Campus AtlasConsolidates different Web components for college students. Contains Google search, video and local search, local businesses, maps, news feeds, professor searches, local drink specials, and games.  
The Global Map of MusiciansPlot yourself and collaborate. Find a teacher, start a group, promote your music, share a gig or trade gear local!  
The Link InspectorThe Link Inspector lets you get in-depth information about all the backlinks pointing to your site. It will even search for new backlinks that you are not aware of, good or bad.  
The Music FeedFeaturing free, unlimited MP3 downloads by independent artists and DJs from the Underground Music Spot plus your favorite mainstream artists. Mashup of the Underground Music Spot and Interactive Digital Music.  
The TurnSocial barPut FB, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Yelp reviews, Foursquare tips & more, directly on your website.  
TheseSitesAre.MeTheseSitesAre.Me is a place where you can update your Facebook, TSAME and Twitter statuses at once, share all of your links in one place, advertise for free and find other people to collaborate on projects with.  
TimehopWhat were you doing 1 year ago today? Each morning users are sent an email containing reminders of the past including, tweets, facebook posts, Instagram photos and foursquare checkins.  
TinkOMaticClassifieds and auctions search and monitoring app. Search craigslist, oodle, kijiji, backpage, and eBay across different locations; define advanced search criteria; save searches and monitor them over time via a custom dashboard.  
TinkrboxTinkrbox makes sense of internet hyperlinks by converting links to actual content so you can access the content right in your Tinkrbox.It also allows you to put together different types of media such that users can concurrently see and hear about a topic  
ToastBankToastBank is a forum where users can add and share toasts. You can search through toasts that have been submitted and share the best ones with your friends over Facebook or Twitter.  
TourCMS Facebook TabsFacebook app that allows Tour and Activity Operators using TourCMS to easily add their product details to a new tab on their Facebook page.  
TozoyThis product is about providing opinion about your friends, about different topics, or practically anything on the web. All our friends have different characteristics, and we either like it or don't. However very few of us let our friends know what we like or dislike about them.  
TrackleA service that tracks your personalized information on the Web in one place. Using popularly tracked categories, Trackle keeps tabs on nearly everything in your life.  
TrackThisTrack packages over email, SMS, Facebook or Twitter. TrackThis monitors your packages and when the move sends you a message with the new location and ETA. TrackThis supports FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL and other tracking codes.  
Transmeet.Tv MusicMapMusicMap is a regional music events guide that uses google maps, youtube videos, flickr photos, last.fm pictures and text, facebook connect and makes a fusion of technology to produce a new kind of user experience.  
TrendLikeMixing the information from twitter and sending it to Facebook.  
TripMashUpsFree trip planner tool to plan your trip on the map, show your route, points of interest, upload photos and keep your travel diary online. Publish your trip to your Facebook wall to share with your friends.  
TripSailor - Sailing Blogs, Yacht Charter Reviews, Sailing Adventures, TripSailor is a community site for sailors and boaters. The site offers sailing blogs, yacht charter reviews and a marina directory  
TubeLoopDo you use YouTube to listen to your favourite songs? Do you share YouTube video's through Facebook ? Do you want to share Loops/Playlists with your friends? Check out TubeLoop.com  
Tumblr WallTumblr Wall is a Facebook app for Tumblr users.  
TV.ListAndPlay.comEnter 1 song, get 150 similar songs back, create your own MTV. Combines Last.FM & Youtube. There's also a Facebook integration that let you discover music your friends like. Uses Bit.ly in order to share playlist urls.  
Twitea.meBring online services to people without mobile Internet acces. Using a simple text message, people can use Facebook, Twitter, Viadeo and more.  
twitplusEnhances twitter to allow you to post pictures, videos and also share files with your twitter friends. Files can be shared on your public twitter time line, or securely for view and download by your selected twitter followers.  
twitQAtwitQA is a place where you can see followers interacting with each other in a most knowledgeable way. Everything is asked, answered and discussed by people like you.  
Two DegreesSearch the friends lists of your friends to find people who should be on your own list.  
UltrasearchulaSearch Google, Amazon, eBay, YouTube, Facebook, Wikipedia and more, all from a single search box. Includes category defaults and quick 1-character shortcuts.  
Update for FacebookLike an iPhone met Facebook. Real time status updates of your Facebook friends. Update your status, poke and message your friends via advanced UI.  
Urban Hunt'rUrban Huntďż˝r is a unique social photo challenge game. Play at home or on the go. Simply snap a photo and send it to Urban Huntďż˝r. Each week there is a new game and a photo challenge. Earn points by submitting photos and having people vote on their photos.  
VeeJay.tvVeeJay.tv is an internet service that allows you to become a VeeJay - mixup your own set of music videos and share them with your friends. You can also discover new music video content by watching sets created by other people.  
Video CustomizerAll-in-one communications platform and includes everything you need to create, send, stream and track professional video emails and more. It is an intuitive, easy to use, featured rich web-based video email marketing tool which has been developed by people who understand business.  
VidevaVideva.com is the biggest music video database on the Internet. All the artists, all the videos, at a click's distance. Putting together the Last.fm music catalog and the Youtube video catalog, Videva brings you the most structured music video search tool to date. Discover new artists and new videos, or listen to your favorite music through our simple interface.  
Viral Music ListViral Music List is a site that keeps track of Spotify links on Facebook. By keeping track of the number of times different Spotify links are shared, Viral Music List is able to present different charts with artists, albums and specific tracks.  
vizlingoVizlingo is a new platform that animates each word of a text messages or social media posts with a user-generated video clip. Vizlingo messages are shared across social networks and on mobile devices, merging two prolific trends: social messaging and video sharing. Users can submit their own clips, see what clips their friends use, and select favorites from an ever-growing database of more than 30,000 clips from over 40 countries.  
Vodafone Update App for AndroidStay connected with your friends and contacts in your social networks on the go. Vodafone Update provides mobile access to Twitter, Facebook and MySpace, combined in a single UI.  
Vodafone Update App for BlackBerry or iPhoneStay connected with your friends and contacts in your social networks, wherever you are. Vodafone Update provides mobile access to Twitter, Facebook and MySpace, combined in a single UI.  
VoicebuzzUpdate your Facebook status with a phone call (India). Supports SMS integration & voice to text transcription.  
VOVO:WIKIMulti-click real-time polls for real fans and real cynics  
VoxPixVoxPix lets you build a slide show with voice narration. Take pictures directly from your favorite photo hosting site then add voice through your phone. Uses APIs from Flickr, Photobucket, MySpace, Bebo and Facebook  
VOZIQ - Actionable Social Media AnalyticsVOZIQ provides social media analytics solutions delivering insights into what customers and prospects discuss on social media sites. VOZIQ helps you stay focused on measurable results with a closed loop approach that includes tools to benchmark how you compare against your competitors, identify areas of opportunity, develop action plans, and track your success, all in one platform. Try our instant social media search and build a dashboard in seconds to see for yourself how easy it is to listen to online conversations and develop insights with VOZIQ platform at http://www.voziq.com  
Wakey WakeyWakey Wakey is a "social alarm". Using Twilio's new Client, your friends can call you until you wake up. If you do wake up on time, call your friends to wake them up and track your progress.  
Wallpoper - Free WallpapersWallpoper simply described as high quality wallpapers database which is searchable by keyword, color and resolution. Wallpapers can be edited online. Wallpapers can be used for facebook timeline cover easily.  
WeGoooWeGooo wants to help you live better in the city you’re in or the city you want to be in. It can put your finger on the pulse in each city to help you understand the spirit of the people who inhabit it. enjoy! Formerly called enjoyeverywhere.  
Whad'da'doWhaddado is a Social bookmarking site for events and things to do Whaddado, add your fav websites, create lists and share them with friends. Discover new things to do and follow our experts to find out the coolest things around the world.  
What's PublicA place to find out what's public about yourself and others.  
WhilewairportWho said that waiting at the airport should be an atomic bore? Nonsense. As long as you can use a service like WhileWairport, then waiting for your plane is going to be something productive. This service lets you get real-time information about flights and airlines directly on your mobile, and have that shared with all of your contacts on sites like Facebook and Twitter. Which means that if your plane is going to be late, then you’ll be able to let everybody know about such a thing without having to make a single call, or even send a single SMS. A simple social update will do. And the social scope of this service doesn’t stop at that. No, WhileWairport lets you meet up with people who are in the same airport that you find yourself in. You can look for people who share your same hobbies and interests, and have a much more pleasant wait if your flight’s been delayed. And WhileWairport is useful for finding people to share taxis with, too. Simply make it clear where it is you are supposed to get to, and if there’s any matches then the application will instantly let you know as much. WhileWairport.com In Their Own Words WhileWairport offers services to make the most of the time waiting at the airport. Some Questions About WhileWairport.com Based on the way people are using this service, which airports are the busiest in the world right now?  
Wiki News DirectNews aggregation site with stock quotes. Uses Google AdWords, Ajax Feeds, Plus and Sidewiki, as well as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twittercounter APIs.  
WiserEarth Facebook AppPublishes WiserEarth members activity on their Facebook profiles.  
WishGeniesWishGenies lets you ask for gift recommendations for those on your shopping list. You'll get great ideas because WishGenies asks people who like the same things as your recipient.  
WittybuyerA prepared question template for your Facebook news feed. Wittybuyer lets you solicit comments and suggestions from your friends about what you plan to buy.  
wordonthewirewordonthewire serves up the latest results from a range of trending platforms based on a users single search query. It is intended mainly as a tool to get a quick, latest "scoop" on a topic, and be able to easily share the results. It picks up on your browsing language of choice, and serves up the results in that language, making it really universal (without having to have a unique URL for each language).It focuses on doing all of this one page, and has a responsive layout.  
World Movie SearchWorld box office movie search aggregates movie reviews, enabling users to find great movies to watch.  
World of Facebook Friends.Find out where your facebook friends are located around the world. See who else is staying in your city and country. Filter your friends by country and exact location as updated in Facebook. View your friends statistics by location and gender.  
Yapeo video classifiedsA better way to buy and sell on the Internet. Shows video of items for sale.  
YappointYappoint is a marketplace for local businesses to let their clients make their appointments online 24/7. Every kind of business relying on appointments can subscribe for FREE on yappoint.com, like hairdressers, estheticians, tennis-courts, real-estates and many more.. Check it out!  
YouLyricsYouLyrics is Youtube + ChartLyrics. Simple way to see your favorite videos together with the lyrics. Also, you will always be surprised: each time someone is watching a video it will appear on the search boxes when someone will load the application.  
Your Zodiac Sign, Health and YogaOur Sun Sign, Mind, Body and Yoga are all interconnected. "Your Zodiac Sign, Health and Yoga" is a Faceook app which helps to explore Health and Yoga based on Zodiac signs.  
ZimrideZimride is a carpool and rideshare matching website that uses Facebook profiles and geocoded addresses. Imagine the possibilities.  
ZuckerbucksZuckerbucks are points that you can use like play money on Facebook. They have no cash value, but you can send them to friends as gifts, or as payment. You can also bid on real products featured within the Zuckerbucks app.  
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