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FinFolio API - Libraries

FinFolio is a REST API for portfolio management and trading to import and store data, run calculations and reports, trade, rebalance and bill your portfolios, that stores households, clients, accounts and securities. Some features include; Client billing and payouts, Financial Calculations, Custodial Imports and more. FinFolio's is a headless, stand-alone API version of the main FinFolio portfolio management application that is built on a mature code base. FinFolio provides a portfolio management software solution for investment advisors and money managers. is the most robust portfolio management and accounting API available to financial services technology teams. Our API allows Broker Dealers, TAMPs, RIAs, banks, FinTech apps and custodians to save years and hundreds of thousands of dollars on development of boring backend functionality like time weighted return or complex rebalancing trade logic + much much more. FinTech today is moving fast, and wealthAPI allows you to leapfrog the competition and focus on building an exceptional client experience, fast.