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Foreca Weather File Feed REST API - Libraries

Foreca provides a raw weather data feed in an easy-to-use format that is ideal for integrating location-based weather information into proprietary systems. The Weather Feed is based on customers using HTTP polling to monitor forecast and observation files, which update at different intervals. Location metadata, such as coordinates and names in various languages, is provided in a separate static file. Foreca Weather Data batch files contain forecasts and current conditions updated on a continual basis for a fixed location list. Depending on the package chosen, the feed contains current conditions data from relevant local weather stations and weather forecasts for up to 14 days. The data is delivered as XML or language-independent delimited ASCII format file feed. The data contains weather information for up to 80.000 locations world-wide. The feed is available in either XML or delimited ASCII formats. Additional weather information can be used from the following data sets: Foreca Road Weather, Foreca Weather Warnings, Foreca Weather History, Foreca Ski Resort Information, Foreca Weather Notifications, Foreca Climate Data. For more detailed information, please complete the contact us form on the API's homepage, and a Foreca team member will assist you.