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Foreca Weather Map API MASTER RECORD

The Foreca Weather Map API provides weather forecasts and observations as map overlays worldwide. Precipitation radar images, atmospheric weather forecasts, and satellite images are typically shown as map overlays. Foreca provides map overlay images through its Weather Map API. Overlays are primarily provided as tiles that are compatible with the most common map services such as HERE, Google Maps and OpenStreetMap. Foreca's own background maps are also available. The Weather Map API is based on HTTP queries, which are sent to Foreca servers. The service responds by providing graphics in vector format (SVG) or raster (PNG, JPG). The service can also be requested to list available data layers and available time stamps for any given coordinate (longitude and latitude). This information is given in JSON format. Multiple zoom levels for the weather overlays are available (levels 3-12). For more detailed information, please complete the contact us form on the API's homepage, and a Foreca team member will assist you.