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Foreca Weather Notifications REST API

With the Foreca Weather Notification API you can set and receive push-notifications based on Foreca weather forecasts, keeping you informed about noteworthy weather conditions. Weather Notifications allows you to activate notifications using weather parameter values as triggers. You will always receive a push notification when the pre-set threshold value is forecasted to exceed (or is observed) at a chosen coordinate point. The notifications offered to end-users are to be adjusted in the API in advance. End-users are allowed to switch them on/off based on the location they want. While the API works in JSON format, the customer is required to provide an user interface for the end-users. Optional service models include Notifications as a Service (Notifications will be delivered as SMS or email messages) and Foreca DSS Cloud Interface (a cloud-based system providing multiple weather monitoring tools for a variety of industries.) For more detailed information, please complete the contact us form on the API's homepage, and a Foreca team member will assist you.