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Fuze Box is a provider of Internet and mobile based unified communications solutions. The Fuze Box APIs allow users to incorporate meetings, presence and IM into their applications. A suite of APIs are offered in the following categories: Meeting & Scheduling APIs - Account management and creation, event scheduling and XMPP access to presence and chat utilities are available in both web and mobile environments. Presence and IM APIs - Indicate when individuals are online/offline across multiple messaging networks, instant message across multiple platforms. Mobile APIs - Fuze Box offers SDKs for mobile platforms to compliment their Meeting, IM and Presence APIs. Reporting and Analytics APIs - These APIs include the capacity to provide partners with analytics that expand reporting capabilities to include statistics on individual and aggregated usage of the Fuze Box platform services. The APIs use both REST and SOAP protocols with responses formatted in XML and JSON. Full documentation is available upon request.
Fuze Box