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GetIntel IP Intelligence API MASTER RECORD

IP Intelligence is a service that determines how likely an IP address is a proxy / VPN / bad IP using advanced mathematical and modern computing techniques, including machine learning and probability theory. Reduce fraud, bot traffic, fake view & clicks, and promotional offer & affiliate abuse for free. The public API allows up to 500 queries per day at no cost and does not require registration. GetIPIntel uses Machine Learning & Probability Theory techniques to infer on IPs it doesn't have explicit knowledge about and computes the output when you request it using up to date and large datasets. Thus, using a combination of block lists with dynamic checks will produce a more accurate result because the overall system is more intelligent. On a valid request, the system will return a value between 0 - 1 (inclusive) of how likely the given IP is a proxy. On error, a negative value will be returned. If format=json is used, a valid JSON format will be returned with extra information.