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The GetSafe API is a quick and easy way for your users to protect their possessions and against high costs. The API can be integrated into new or existing apps simply by adding a line of code or inserting the Getsafe widget. More hands-on healthcare and insurance providers will be happy to know that the option of manual integration is also available, handing over full control to developers. Getsafe is a German-based single-platform, digital insurance that covers all insurance areas and allows you to modify your plan individually. Current offerings are for Liability (personal, family, and drone) and Health (Dental: routine care, dental treatment, dental treatment) with future offerings in Liability (dog, job), Savings, and Contents. Currently, the Getsafe API (dental) allows healthcare providers such as medical offices are now able to offer easily accessible health insurance products to their patients, particularly those who avoid booking much-needed appointments because of high costs. Patients now have an easy way to get instant coverage prior to booking their appointment, avoiding potentially costly surprises after their procedure. Access is required to learn more about the API and obtain access.