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gink GPS Data Web Service REST API v2

The gink GPS Data Web Service takes the work out of building custom communications servers for GPS tracking devices. This makes it possible to build a tracking application without worrying about implementing your own custom server. The gink REST API makes it simple to get tracking data on demand or to save for later processing. The API can integrate sample data into your application before purchasing a gink-box tracking unit. (A gink-box receives position data from GPS satellites, as well as event data and status messages, and communicates with our servers, which process all incoming data and make them available via the REST web service.) The API requires an access key to authenticate your HTTP requests and keep track of your devices. Currently, a token-based authentication scheme, HTTP Basic, and HTTP Digest Authentication are supported. Data available through the REST Webservice includes Most Recent Position, Accumulated Distance Traveled, Historical Position Data, Historical Event Data, and more. The information received is accessible via Desktop applications, Web applications, Mobile, and any platform that has access to the World Wide Web. The API Supports a variety of data output formats: XML, KML, JSON, and CSV