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Google Awareness API - Source Code

The Google Awareness API is a unified sensing platform that equips applications with the capabilities to react to, and process the different contexts that define a user’s environment and activities. Designed to optimize performance without compromising system resources, the API combines seven location and context signals into a single platform that allows developers to build powerful features that can contextualize a user’s environment and activities. The seven location and context signals are time, location, place, activity, beacons, headphones, and weather. This API offers user friendly features and energy saving functionalities. A single Google Awareness API is sufficient to get an app running, and this simplifies the integration process and overall productivity. The API also processes raw signals to deliver filtered data about a user’s context. It is able to manage battery life while processing signals in ways that were not previously possible. The Google Awareness API is anchored on the Fence API and Snapshot API. The Fence API allows an app to register the current situation of a user and conveys notification of the met combined context conditions. The Fence API sends callbacks of a registered fence to the destination app even when the app is off. The Snapshot API, on the other hand, allows an app to send requests for information about the current context of a user. A Snapshot API-enabled app can request for context details such as a user’s current location and the location’s weather condition.