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Google Homepage Mashups

.BR Domain Name SearchCheck on the availability of Brazil (.BR) domain names right from your Google homepage with this Google Gadget.  
Amazon for iGoogleMakes your life as a Cineast, DVD-Freak or Book-Lover much easier: Add the gadget to your iGoogle page and have all the information you need in one tiny box. Special feature: Compare amazons prices to other online shops, ebay and other amazon locales.  
Amazon widgetsWeb widgets that display Amazon items and earn referral revenue through Amazon Associates. Browser is an Amazon mini browser. List displays wish lists, baby and wedding registries, List Mania lists. Latest and Greatest shows bestsellers and new releases.  
Amazon Wishlist GadgetWishlist searching with instant AJAX interface. Add to Google personal homepage or any other web page with allowed Javascript.  
ApartableApartable is a mashup that matches people to apartments. It takes a proactive approach to finding a new living space.  
Artist Cloud iGoogle GadgetiGoogle gadget of the popular Music Artist Cloud mashup for music discovery based on similar artists.  
Auctiva eBay GadgetSearch eBay listings with the Auctiva Gadget. Browse listings by eBay category, check the most popular items, or do a keyword search from your Google homepage.  
Bear Of The Day for iGoogleiGoogle Gadget that displays price, quote, and fundamentals of one of the latest losing stocks.  
Bioscoopagenda iGoogle GadgetDutch-Belgian Google widget: Bioscoopagenda voor bioscopen en filmhuizen in Nederland en Vlaanderen. Inclusief Top 10 en Premieres.  
Bloglines NotifierA Google Gadget to notify you of the count of unread items in your Bloglines account.  
Bull Of The Day for iGoogleiGoogle gadget that displays price, quote, and fundamentals of one of the latest winners.  
Bumble SearchBumble Search is a Firefox extension that mashes up the Web by integrating content from Amazon, BBC, del.icio.us, eBay and other sources.  
Calorie GadgetCalculate the number of calories you burn while running, bicycling, or swimming.  
Clicky Visitor MapTrack recent visitors to your website or blog - embed on your iGoogle page or on your website or blog.  
Cloud Last.fmA Last.fm gadget that gives a custom tag cloud on iGoogle based on genre labels input by and identified with a Last.fm ID. A Facebook version is available as well.  
Computer Daily Quote WidgetThe history of computers, software, and information technology in a Google Gadget. Each day contains a historical reference to the people, inventions, and events that define the evolution of computers.  
Custom iGoogle SkinsReskin your iGoogle page and share your skins with others by submitting to the directory.  
Custom iGoogle Skins v2This new version of the skins gadget integrates Flickr and iGoogle to being you random images from a user specified Flickr group.  
Delicious PreviewPreview what everyone is bookmarking in del.icio.us. With this Google gadget, you can preview, add tabs, and remove tabs for the tags in the Tagcloud.  
Digg PreviewUse this gadget to preview what everyone is digging at digg.com. Dynamically add or remove tabs for the topics of your interest.  
DZone PreviewPreview the new links at dzone.com using this Google gadget. Dynamically add or remove tabs for the tag of your interest from the tag cloud.  
eBay Auction Watch for iGoogleeBay Auction Watch lets you track your My eBay watching and bidding as price and high bidder update automatically. Watch seconds tick down and get sound alerts when outbid or before auctions close. Supports 20 international eBay sites and currencies.  
Emoface of the DayAdd the Emoface iGoogle Gadget of the day to your website or iGoogle Homepage.  
epiCurious Dish of the dayGreat cuisines made simple. This is a recipe gadget that gives recipes from all over the world with many from south and north of India.  
Equation EditorRealtime interactive LaTeX equation editor in a widget format.  
Equity Search for iGoogleEquity and advisor search and go iGoogle Gadget. Includes all traded stocks, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds ETFs, and real estate investment trusts REITs. Also includes search for Financial Advisors.  
EVE iCEOGoogle Gadget for EvE-Online game corporate monitoring. Incorporates skill training and wallet transactions and journal for both character and corp. Multiple instances can be used to track multiple accounts.  
EVE iMonitorGoogle Gadget for EvE-Online monitoring. Incorporates skill training and wallet transactions/journal. Multiple instances can be used to track multiple accounts.  
EVE iPosGoogle Gadget for Eve-Online game POS monitoring. Incorporates skill training and POS fuel levels. Multiple instances can be used to track multiple accounts.  
Events of the Day Around YouCustomized Google News for your locality. Set the location and source and add some keywords if needed, you will what is happening around you.  
F1 Standings and Results GadgetA Google Gadget presenting F1 standings and results obtained from the Ergast Motor Racing Data API. You can add the gadget to your web pages or to your Google homepage here: http://ergast.com/mrd/gallery#gadget  
Famous Firsts QuotesA Google Gadget with a daily quote about first-time events recorded in sports, music, television, movies, politics, nature, history, fashion, fads, literature, science, and more.  
FeedBurner Stats WidgetA Google Gadget that displays the number of subscribers to your FeedBurner feed in the past week.  
FeedsparksA Google Universal Gadget which displays FeedBurner Awareness API data with sparklines visualizations.  
FeedsparksCompare and track the readership of popular blogs, competitors, etc. Ties together three Google services: a Google Gadget that shows FeedBurner traffic statistics using sparklines generated by the Google Chart API.  
Festive CalendarThis is a Google Widget that shows festivals and events in the localities of in Kerala and Tamilnadu, India.  
FotoViewrA 3D slideshow and photo gallery widget for your Flickr and Smugmug photos. Also available in Facebook, iGoogle, and WordPress plugins  
FoxyMapFoxyMap is a Google Gadget which allows you to monitor the locations of speed traps. Those locations are set via mobile tagging by the users of the mobile application FoxyTag.  
GadgetSearch.netMonitor top selling video games by console using Amazon sales data. Add lists to your iGoogle home page.  
Go-Go Google GadgetNice integration of library data like what you have checked-out or are waiting forinto an automatically updating Google Gadget. Initially for Ann Arbor District Library. Talis mashup contest winner.  
Google Lyrics GadgetSearches lyrics from your iGoogle page.  
Google Map Search GadgetGoogle Gadget that lets you run Google Map searches directly from your Google homepage.  
Google News BarGoogle News Bar gadget (based on Google AJAX search API) can be added to your Google home page. Add the search terms of your interest and view them as vertical or horizontal newsbars.  
Google Spreadsheets EditorAdd a Google Spreadsheet to your Google personalized homepage. This gadget lets you edit the contents of your private Google Spreadsheets. Check Google Spreadsheet Viewer if you just need to have a public Spreadsheet on your homepage.  
Google Spreadsheets ViewerAdd a Google Spreadsheet to your Google personalized homepage. This gadget lets you read the contents of a public Google Spreadsheet. Check Google Spreadsheet Editor if you prefer to edit your private Spreadsheets.  
Guru Sagaram:Thought of the dayPenetrating, sometimes funny thoughts from great minds of the world, especially from the ancient land of wisdom, India.  
Have You Seen ThemRandomly selected missing person profiles from National Center for Missing And Exploited Children feeds. Just glance at them once in a while and report sighting to authorities.  
Health and Fitness WidgetHealth and fitness facts, terms, tips, information, websites, and knowledge in a Google Gadget. Get an interesting reference devoted to making you healthier, more fit, and more happy.  
Hindustan Times WidgetGet breaking news from India, the world, cricket, business, Bollywood, and other headlines as they happen.  
iChessPlay a chess game with iGoogle as your opponent.  
iGoogle EvE Training MonitorGoogle Gadget for monitoring EvE-Online skill training.  
iGoogle Slideshow gadgetCreate your own slideshows and let them run on your iGoogle Homepage. Multiple styles and effects available.  
iGoogle Stock Portfolio WidgetInstant portfolio assembly on iGoogle  
iGoogle Video SearchWith this Truveo gadget, you can perform video search from your iGoogle page.  
imageloop Gadget iGoogleSlideshow in iGoogle.  
Insurance Daily QuoteInsurance facts, terms, people, websites, history, and events in a Google Gadget. Each day of the year contains an interesting reference devoted to the Insurance industry.  
JoyRack Games iGoogle GadgetDisplays latest games from JoyRack.com. You can play, add these games to your website or your Google home page (iGoogle page) from this gadget.  
Kittens for iGoogleEverybody loves kittens so put some kittens on your iGoogle page. With Flickr photos.  
Learn10Learn10 was built to help people create a daily learning habit. The ethos is simple - once you become a member of Learn10 you will automatically be sent short, daily learning tasks - such as 10 new words in a foreign language.  
Learnit ListsThis mashup has now been replaced with our new rebranded version, you can find it at www.learn10.com  
Lost and Found Pets IrelandWe combine the API's from Facebook, Twitter, Bebo, Flickr, Google Buzz and MySpace to leverage the power of social networking to reunite lost Irish pets with their owners in Ireland.  
Market Summary for iGoogleForeign markets and major US sector watch list gadget for iGoogle.  
MashPlanetFind mashed up maps in your locale: city, state, country, or the world, sorted by categories. Updated daily with your suggestions.  
Money Saver WidgetDaily tips and advice along with quotes, facts, and websites to help you save money. Each day of the year contains a unique money-saving entry.  
Moveable WeatherSpeaks the details about your local weather. Uses Google's secret Weather API that is part of the Google Homepage  
Music MashA Google Gadget that lets you search the Rhapsody catalog of millions of songs by their lyrics. You can also use it to find YouTube and Yahoo videos.  
My Pet Profile on iGoogleAdd My Pet Profile from MatchMyPet.com to your iGoogle page.  
NoboshNews stories for everything from the latest current business news, tech news, health news, advertising news, and corporate blogs. All powered by nobosh's algorithms.  
Old Time Handyman JukeBoxA Flash mp3 player that can be added to your iGoogle home page. Get music on your page with this handy jukebox.  
Outfit EditorCreate your own outfit and share it with people on social networks. Uses the Stylight API, Google Gadget and soon Google OpenSocial.  
Pandora iGoogle GadgetListen to Pandora online radio on your iGoogle page.  
Photo Feed Slideshow WigdetThe gadget lets the users turn their RSS album of latest albums, all albums and others into an always updated photo slideshow. They can paste the code into their other web presence like their blog, or any social website they have.  
PhotoMunchrsModeled off the classic educational number-munching game. Munch photos from the flickr database tagged with a particular word, and simultaneously contribute to a visual ranking system.  
Picasa Map GadgetSee users' public, geotagged albums on a map. You can go back and forth between albums in chronological order using the controls below the map.  
Random FeedRandomly displays an item from the list of RSS/Atom feeds. Flip through the feed items manually or view them as slideshow. Webmasters or bloggers can also add this gadget to wherever they want.  
Random FlickringFlip through tagged pictures from Flickr or view them as slideshows with visual effects. Click on the image to see Lightbox effect. Mouse over Lightbox image top right or top left for next or previous image.  
Random Wikipedia ArticleFlip through random articles from Wikipedia in your favorite language. Currently supported in English, Deutsch, Espanol, Francais, Italiano, Polski, Portugues, and Svenska  
Real Estate Daily WidgetReal estate facts, terms, people, websites, history, and events in a Google Gadget. Each day of the year contains a reference about the real estate and housing industries.  
Rhapsody Top FeedsA Google Gadget that polls top songs and album feeds from Rhapsody RSS to let users stay on top of news about their favorite artists.  
Rule of ThumbRules of thumb in a Google Gadget. Each day of the year contains an interesting rule of thumb from business, real estate, finance, fashion, sports, and more.  
SpellBoyA spell-checker Google Gadget.  
Sporepedia GadgetsFind wild creatures for EA Spore using this Google gadget for asset search views.  
Sports History WidgetThe history of professional and major league sports teams in a Google Gadget. Each day of the year features a professional sports team from the past or present.  
StumbleUpon PreviewPreview what every one is stumbling upon in StumbleUpon. Dynamically add or remove tabs for the tag of your interest from tag cloud.  
Tchibo iGoogle GadgetAll Tchibo shopping offers in a tiny gadget. Never miss a bargain. Supports Tchibo.co.uk, Tchibo.eu, Tchibo.de, Tchibo.at, Tchibo.ch and Tchibo.nl.  
The Amazon.com GadgetGadget that includes 4 tabs that display Amazon.com favorite features: Amazon Gold Box and Lightning deals, Amazon Bestsellers, Amazon Movers and Shakers, and Amazon Search. Users can select Amazon's product category of their choice.  
The Profane GameGet all the obscenities out of your system with this game. The more profane words you can type in 60 seconds, the more points you will earn.  
Top Five List WidgetThe Daily Top Five list in a Google Gadget. Each day of the year presents a new top five list compiled from sports, music, films, society, and more.  
Twitter Trends ExplainedAn iGoogle gadget that shows the most recent 100 trends, along with a short description of why they are currently trending.  
Units Conversion GadgetUnits conversion, US and metric, for various measurements, in gadget form for your Google homepage or any web page.  
Unix Fortunes for iGoogleDisplays a random quote, quip, idiom, joke, etc. You know the drill. Save your favorites.  
US Virtual NeighborhoodView local business and other shops around your neighborhood when you search for a zipcode, city, or state in the US.  
Visitor Map Gadget: iGoogle gadget to track your website or blogTrack recent visitors to your website or blog with this iGoogle gadget which can also be added to any webpage. This gadget uses Google Maps and visitor info is provided by gVisit. A thumbnail grid of Yahoo images are also show for each visitor location.  
Web Builder Daily QuoteA Google Gadget for website builders. Internet and Web terms, facts, history, events, and knowledge plus everyday tips and advice for building a website, blog or e-commerce site.  
Web KendokuPlay kenken and kendoku puzzles games online. There are also Google gadgets associated with this.  
What's on TwitterTiny iGoogle gadget inspired by picfog. It combines 4 APIs. Shows the latest pics that are post on Twitter for a specific keyword. It also shows the current trends on Twitter and their hashtag description from Tagalus.  
windfinder - conncted to the windThe Windfinder iGoogle Gadget is a tiny piece of software, which displays wind, waves and weather from your favorite surfspot as observations and forecast.  
WordHunter XtremeThis word-hunting Google Gadget has been XXtended with the UrbanDictionary and WordNet APIs. Now you can guess slang, proper nouns, and more. Plus, read the definitions of every word you guess correctly.  
Yahoo Updates Google GadgetA Google Gadget that uses the Yahoo Updates API to let you follow your friends who have Yahoo accounts.  
YouLyricsYouLyrics is Youtube + ChartLyrics. Simple way to see your favorite videos together with the lyrics. Also, you will always be surprised: each time someone is watching a video it will appear on the search boxes when someone will load the application.  
Zillow ZIndex Google GadgetThis gadget allows adding a graph for ZIndex, which is derived from median prices of homes sold, for a specific location such as All of the USA, any state, any city or zip code. It can be added to the Personalized Google Homepage, Desktop and Pages.  
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