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Google Poly REST API v1.0 - Developers

The Google Poly API is a REST API that provides read access to assets in the Poly library.Poly is an online library where people can browse, share, and remix 3D assets. An asset is a 3D model or scene created using Tilt Brush, Blocks, or any 3D program that produces a file that can be uploaded to Poly. Many assets are licensed under the CC BY license, which means developers can use them in their apps, free of charge, as long as the creator is given credit. There are thousands of assets available for use at All calls to the Poly API must include credentials. Credentials are used by Poly to identify your app and enforce usage limits. Credentials for the Poly API, like other Google APIs, are managed through the Google APIs Console. A Google Account is required to receive credentials. There are different types of credentials: API Key and OAuth (2.0) client ID. The dashboard in the Google APIs Console lets you monitor and manage access to the Poly API.The Poly API has a default quota of 10 queries-per-second (QPS), per API key or client id. Most assets on Poly are remixable and, thus, published under CC BY license. You are free to copy, modify, and use remixable assets for any purpose, as long as you give appropriate credit to the licensor. The API works with Android, iOS, Unity, Unreal, and the web. Toolkits are available for Unity and Unreal.