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GPSit TrackFusion API - How To

GPSit provides covert GPS tracking services within the United States and Mexico. They specialize in providing solutions to owners of goods in transit, third party logistics providers, and law enforcement technical surveillance. By covertly incorporating tracking devices into shipments or assets, owners can monitor them in real time and quickly recover them if they are lost or stolen. Integrated device sensors can monitor environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity, altitude, light exposure, and vibration and send alerts if there is a threat or a dangerous change in environmental conditions. TrackFusion is GPSit's browser-based application, designed to access the advanced capabilities of GPSit trackers in a simple-to-use environment. The application is viewable on all popular browsers and is password-protected. TrackFusion is built upon an XML-based open architecture and can therefore be integrated with other applications using a SOAP-based API.