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GraphHopper Directions API - Developers

GraphHopper Directions API is a routing web service designed to find the best route between two or more locations based on OpenStreetMap data. It provides worldwide coverage and suggests routes to take by car, bicycle, or foot. For every route even the elevation data can be included. The GraphHopper Directions API consists of the time-dependent Route Optimization API, Routing API, Geocoding API and more. Besides point to point routing more complex requirements can be satisfied via the route optimization API, which makes it possible to do fast optimization of the itineraries of salesman, sightseeing tours or the routes for vehicles that do delivery important in logistics or for taxi and tourism applications. Additional to routing a Geocoding API, an Isochrone API and a special Matrix API is provided for an efficient way of calculating distance matrices. The GraphHopper API enables users to integrate this information into their own applications.