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Grid5000 REST API

Grid'5000 is a scientific instrument for the study of large scale parallel and distributed systems. The suite of APIs was designed to ease scripting and provide better access to the grid functionalities. A description of the APIs follows: Metrology API: Provides the key metrics of the Grid'5000 nodes: memory, cpu usage, bytes in, bytes out. Jobs API: Allows users to submit jobs on a Grid'5000 site. Monitoring API: Provides the status of the Grid'5000 nodes. Reference API: Provides the reference data of Grid'5000 such as the list of sites, clusters, nodes, environment. Deployments API: Allows users to deploy a specific environment on Grid'5000 nodes. Users API: Offers functionalities to manage Grid'5000 user accounts. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML, JSON, PDF and HTML. Full documentation requires registration.