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GroupDocs API - How To

GroupDocs is an online document management platform. GroupDocs allows users and organizations to manage and revise documents, create digital signatures, collaborate on documents, and search for all documents within groups. Various annotation options such as highlighting, underlining, striking out text as well as leaving comments on the text/images are included to make the proof-reading process easier for users. GroupDocs Annotation API for Kentico provides developers with a set of annotation tools, such as Text annotation, Area annotation, Point annotation, Polyline annotation and Strike-out text. Functionality of the Annotation API such as Text or image annotation, collaboration or exporting documents, allows developers to have the ultimate document management experience. Users can upload any PDF file and share this document with their colleagues through GroupDocs Annotation App. Any review comment incorporated will be saved and users can export the annotated PDF document with all the comments and annotations in place. All these notes and comments become part of the new exported file and can be viewed in any popular PDF reader. Email addresses of the reviewers are also highlighted so that developers can keep track of the comments from different reviewers at the same time. The Kentico Annotation API lets users annotate documents in real-time as well as collect review comments individually. Users have th option to collaborate with colleagues to share ideas via comments and see reviews in real-time. GroupDocs Annotation API for Kentico provides developers with a marker counter on the sidebar to easily navigate through all the comments. Familiar editing tools such as highlight text, insert a shape, strike out text as well as draw freehand directly on the document are available. GroupDocs Annotation API for Kentico enables users to annotate images, pictures and graphics as easily as text. Users can invite collaborators to review and add comments in the document simultaneously. Users can also keep an offline as well as hard-copy of the annotated PDF document for future reference. Interested developers can refer to the documentation for the RESTful API available online.