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Hellenic Bank Single Payment in Rubles API - Followers

The Hellenic Bank Single Payment in Rubles API allows you to make single payments within Hellenic Bank as well as SWIFT payments. With this API, payments may only be made in Rubles. Transactions are performed in a secure manner with the OAuth 2 protocol. Self-register to get started. Testing for your your app is available in Hellenic Bank’s sandbox environment. Real-time access on account activity via the Sandbox log. Hellenic Bank offers a platform of financial APIs. Companies or developers interested in using the APIs can register and test them in a sandbox environment. The APIs' openness and modularity allow customers to experiment and innovate. The standards allow them to connect their systems very quickly. Openness to 3rd party solutions (e.g. FinTechs) enables platforms for partnerships and integrated value chains. These APIs all you to:
  • Partner with one of the leading and most innovative banks in Cyprus
  • Unlock new business models with our APIs
  • Secure, reliable and scalable APIs
  • Open APIs available for non-customers of our bank
  • Multi-currency money movements, authentication and account reporting all in one place
  • Start creating using our realistic sandbox environment and quickly test your ideas