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HERE Forward Geocoder REST API

The HERE Geocoder API - Forward enables high precision conversion of real world addresses into latitude/longitude coordinates for mapping and spatial analysis. This API provides fresh and accurate enterprise-grade location information in 196 countries and is the perfect choice for any global solution requiring location services. It allows you to access a high-performance REST API available worldwide with a string analyzer understanding the difference between address formats across countries. You can obtain geographic coordinates from input consisting of addresses (including street intersections, house numbers, and postal codes) and names of places (including areas, regions, landmarks and places of national importance). HERE Technologies provides location Services based on one of the HERE mapping platform. Input can consist of full or partial addresses, either free form or structured. Output provides scoring and matching information, shapes for postal code boundaries, as well as shapes for any administrative level (e.g. country, state, city). Point addressing, house number interpolation and extrapolation is being used for most accurate and reliable location results.