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HitchHiker Flight API

The HitchHiker Flight API is the content aggregation and shopping solution for all kinds of available fights and ancillaries. Are you looking for a flexible solution to create your own travel booking platforms for travel agencies or end-consumers? Would you like to develop your own high-performance sales-tools for your call centres and sales agents? Or would you like to integrate our flight content into your internal tour-operator system to create dynamic travel packages? With its comfortable WebService interface the Flight API can be easily integrated in each of your individual projects and delivers the most inexpensive available flights from an extensive range of suppliers. Hence, today you can choose between interfaces to six GDS’, fares from various wholesalers and more than 130 direct airline connections. Also, your allotments and group bookings no longer need to be distributed in hard copy form to your employees. By using our Flight API they can be integrated into your selling system just like an own internal GDS. In addition to the request and booking of airfares, lucrative additional services (ancillaries) and fare bundles (branded fares) can now be marketed. Moreover, the HitchHiker Flight API allows for an implementation of the complete subsequent processes like payment and ticketing up to rebooking, cancellation, refund and revalidation of GDS flights. The HitchHiker Flight API is available as a Software-as-a-Service solution and can be enhanced with several add-on modules and services according to your own, individual requirements.