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Hotwire API - SDKs

Hotwire is a discount travel site. Hotwire helps major travel providers fill airline seats, hotel rooms, and rental cars that would otherwise go unsold. Hotwire's APIs provide access to specified data and services, and can be used as building blocks to develop a variety of applications of interest to travel shoppers and travel planners. You may choose to leverage Hotwire's Open APIs in any type of application you wish, within the conditions described in Hotwire's API Terms of Use. Possibilities include applications that run on web sites, mobile devices, or even desktops. The Hotel Deals API delivers data describing hotel "Deals" discovered on in the past 24 hours. A "deal" is a Hotwire search result whose value is attractive relative to other results. The concept of value includes not only absolute price, but also star rating and the relative popularity of the location and of the travel dates. Tripstarter is a Hotwire feature designed to help travelers find the best time of year to travel to a particular destination. The feature offers a view of price trends for for airfares between your home city and your destination of interest, as well as historical weather data and price trends for hotels at the destination. Each record in the data returned indicates an average price (historical hotel rates or air fares) over a historical seven day period. Trends are revealed by examining price data over a period of time, or by examining year-over-year price changes.