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Hydrogen Molecule API - Libraries

The Hydro API enables applications to interface with Hydro’s smart contracts. All Hydrogen APIs are built on REST principles, with resource-oriented URLs and HTTP response codes. All API responses are returned in JSON format. Within the Hydro API, we have several modular layers of blockchain functionality. You may use some or all of these, per the needs of your application. Raindrop focuses on security through blockchain-based authentication. It provides a server-side authentication protocol for databases, APIs, and large systems, as well as a client-side multi-factor authentication protocol for individual user accounts. Snowflake, Ice, Tide, and Mist are coming soon. Snowflake focuses on an identity management solution to provide transparency in data management and ownership. Ice brings transparency and validity to the financial document and contract signing process by recording document-related events on the blockchain. Tide enhances traditional payments and transfers by linking them with conditions enforced by smart contracts. Mist brings AI-based insights to blockchain-enabled financial platforms to empower financial services with robust data science.
Hydrogen Hydro API