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hyScore API - How To

Simplified hyScore is a kind of independent and flexible oil rig platform, which drills after oil and provide the raw material and a report of its ingredients to every refinery for further processing. The refinery (any other application or service) can use our “oil” (the contextual data) to create petrol (contextual video player), diesel (content recommendation), plastic (brand safety) or any other use case (contextual ad targeting, etc.). We provide the oil for everyone and leave it up to you how you process it. hyScore is a software-as-a-service (SaaS), a technology provider for data, that means that we are a data supplier for publishers, publisher networks, software development agencies, system houses, advertising & marketing technology companies for contextual data. Our service analyses on request any kind of website/url on url level, or just plain text, and provide a weighted, normalized, structured response in more than 16+ languages. We show in keywords, their entities and categories as also in IAB taxonomy and the sentiment the meaning of its content so that other applications and their developers get in real-time instant access to this kind of data to use it for several use cases. You can use the API and its data for use cases like contextual video, content recommendation, tagging, personalization, targeting and audience segmentation, brand safety, site search improvement, digitalization, text extraction, environmental analysis, document analysis and much, much more. Our mission is to reduce the barriers of entry to access contextual intelligence and enrichment.