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iGeolise Travel Time API - How To

The TravelTime platform API makes location-based data searchable by travel time rather than distance. It can map travel time areas for all common modes of transport (drive time maps, public transport commute maps, walking time maps and cycling maps - it's also possible to combine these modes). When used within a location search, it can search, map, sort and deliver results based on time rather than distance. For example if asking ‘where’s reachable within 30 minutes drive from my location?’ it can map the area and search through thousands of destinations. It also sorts the destinations from shortest to longest time. You can create a larger search area by searching 2+ origins simultaneously (combining shapes) as well as identify a unique search area suitable for 2+ points of origin (like the centre of a venn diagram). It's also useful for A > B routing and adjusts results based on the time of day. Suitable for property search sites - Where should my family live to ensure <30 minute commute? Hotel search and accommodation search - Which hotel is quickest to access the sights? Job search - Which job roles are within 45 mins commute from my house? Retail - Find the quickest store to reach. Entertainment - Find the closest cinema, restaurant, place to visit. Local councils and government - find public services by travel time. API methods support specification of an origin point by latitude and longitude, a travel mode, a time limit, and the type of destination. Returned data provide destinations of the requested type within the specified travel time range. Methods also allow specification of a point of origin, destination, and travel mode to receive the fastest available route. The API also supports geocoding for specified U.K. postal codes.