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InstyMatch API - Source Code

What is InstyMatch? InstyMatch is an AI-driven engine used for analyzing pairs of job descriptions and candidate resume sets. Created by data scientists & recruiters, our engine uses machine learning to process & analyze data between job descriptions & resumes and provide you with results & feedback for every resume, independently & with respect to the job description. Who should use InstyMatch? 1) Recruiters delivering clients to hiring managers: With our AI-driven InstyMatch, you can confidently deliver clients to a hiring manager with our results as proof of a great match. 2) Recruiters matching clients with the right job: Instead of spending hours reading through resumes & figuring out if a client is a good fit for the job, let our AI-driven InstyMatch engine do it for you in a matter of seconds! 3) Recruiters improving clients placement likeliness through resume improvement: Our Resume feedback feature allows you to quickly & easily tell your clients how they could improve their resumes & tailor them to a specific job opening to increase their chances of placement. 4) Jobseekers looking for the right match: Unsure if you’re the right fit for a job? Run your resume & the job posting through our InstyMatch engine to see how well you stack up before you even apply! 5) Jobseekers looking to improve their Resume & job placement: Does your resume need some improvement? Do you want to customize your resume to be a better fit for a certain Jobposting? Run it through our Instymatch engine to see how you can improve! 6) Developers looking to create powerful new apps for the billion dollar staffing market: The U.S. Staffing market is expected to reach a record $157.8B in 2020, a 2.7% increase from 2019. The market needs tools & technologies to help match Jobseekers with the right employers, our InstyMatch API gives you the power to create those tools!