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Intrinio US Public Company Financials API - Developers

This REST API provides standardized and as reported balance sheets, income statements, and statements of cashflow for all publicly traded stocks in the United States. It returns company list and information for all companies covered by Intrinio in Json format. This includes; Companies, Securities, Indices, Securities Search/Screener, Data Point and more. The 10Q and 10K data is available in as-reported and standardized versions, enabling cross equity comparisons even when statement items are not tagged properly. Statements are available back to 2007 and are updated in near real time as they are filed with the SEC (10-30 mins). Historical stock prices (high, low, open, close, volume, and adjusted prices) as well as current intra-day prices are available along with company news. Intrinio is a Fintech Marketplace for financial data feeds and apps.
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