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IonPush REST API v1.0

The IonPush API allows users to publish changes and hot updates to hybrid mobile applications without recompiling the app and resubmitting to app stores review process. This is very useful for publishing bug fixes, integrate A/B tests, changes of your UI/UX, content or business logic but only based on web technologies. Therefore it is important to know that the only changes which can be updated via the IonPush-platform immediately are changes to the view (HTML), business logic (Javascript), assets (for example images in the www folder) and styling (CSS). It excludes any changes to the native binary, such as the native plugins (Cordova Plugins), config.xml or native images (icons, splash screens, etc). For these changes, the app has to be recompiled and has to go through the app stores to be updated for all end users. As a consequence it is important to add all necessary plugins ( also for your future features) to your app before your initial release in the app store.