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Ipregistry API allows developers and businesses to get geolocation information but also threat data for a given IP address. Data points returned include city, state, postal code, province, country, continent, latitude, longitude, region, timezone, current time, organization, ISP, local currency, country flags, borders, country population, user-agent data, etc. Threat data allows knowing if your users make use of Tor, a public proxy or is a known source of malicious activities Ipregistry is used for content personalization, geotargeting, geofencing, ad targeting, digital rights management, form auto-completion, and more. You can for instance show prices in user local currency, display social ads based on user's location, find out about the time zone your users are located, send location-based offers, Identify what Internet Service Provider (ISP) your visitors are using, Suggest Native App Binary, and much more.