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Regulatory market participants like the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and public market exchanges like the Nasdaq and NYSE house information that’s necessary for investors. However, writing code to integrate with and synchronize data with these entities is far from straightforward. On one hand, the SEC website contains a flood of information about companies. On the other hand, their data are often not up to date, or can only be accessed through convoluted and unreliable technical backchannels. Similarly, Nasdaq and NYSE listings must be tracked, but changes to those listings aren’t available so easily. Keeping all these data in sync is a necessity for any trader, and being able to do so in an organized and timely manner will help produce alpha over competitors who can’t do it as well. With this API, developers can query for issuers and their respective securities. They can also query for status changes at the Nasdaq and NYSE. Moreover, they can query for SEC filings.
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