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Jaxsta Music Credits REST API v1.0 - Developers

The Jaxsta API enables developers to retrieve data from a music creation database, offering data about artist, songwriter, engineer, producer, mixer, session musician, record label and more. This API is in development and interested developers can contact the provider for access at: From the provider: "The Jaxsta Commercial API is being developed to offer bespoke web-services based versions of the data in the Jaxsta database - an invaluable tool companies can use to enhance their existing content. A couple of examples of this could be: - A streaming service using the API to add full album details to their existing information. - A music company using the API to identify new relationships between data to create a smarter recommendation engine. Version 1 of the API will be launched in 2020. Verified, deep linked metadata can streamline any business that uses music data. We are not just restricted to the traditional musical industry business formats. If you can think of any other ways your company may be able to utilize our API, get in touch and let us know!"
Jaxsta Music Credits