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Klangoo NLP API - Libraries

The Klangoo NLP API is a natural language processing service that utilizes rule-based paradigm and machine learning to recognize the aboutness of some text. It recognizes text categories, and then extracts key topics, places, people, brands, events, and more. This API supports response formats for XML and JSON with both GET and POST request methods that are authenticated via API Key. It automatically finds the relatedness score between documents by analyzing text using tokenization, parts of speech, parsing, word sense disambiguation and named entity recognition. The Klangoo API allows you to access information for; Summary, KeyTopics, Entities and Categories that; returns an extracted summary of the input text, returns the key topics of the input text, returns a list of the names identified from the text and returns categories identified for Health, Politics, Sports, Entertainment, Technology, Business, Law, Science, and others. Klangoo is Audience Engagement Solutions, Personalization and Analytics.
Klangoo NLP API