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koomalooma Backend API - How To

koomalooma is a loyalty API for mobile and web companies offered as a BPaaS (Business Process as a Service). With koomalooma merchants issue points for actions, their customers/users make on your mobile or web store, for example a purchase or a referral. koomalooma offers an easy to integrate API and web backend to configure loyalty campaigns and track performance. With koomalooma, you outsource the entire rewards and loyalty process. With this API, you can
  • Display to your web or mobile user the amount of loyalty or incentive points the user will earn for a specific action
  • Display the amount of points the user earned after completing the action, the total balance of points earned to date and redirect the user to signup and reward catalog site.
  • Use the koomalooma partner panel to define specific loyalty campaigns for each mobile or web property and to generate the code to be pasted into your application.
  • Use the koomalooma partner panel to monitor the performance of your campaign.
Rewards are available in over 80 countries and are tailored to suit the needs of users in each specific market. Registration to the koomalooma backend is free and works on a pay as you go model.