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The Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics (LASP) is the space exploration institute at the University of Colorado at Boulder, investigating solar influences, atmospheric science, planetary physics, and space physics. LISIRD is the LASP Interactive Solar IRradiance Datacenter. LISIRD collects and provides access to solar spectral irradiance measurements from the soft X-ray (XUV) at 0.1 nm up to the near infrared (NIR) at 2700 nm, as well as Total Solar Irradiance. The LASP Time Series Server (LaTiS) is an API allowing access to most LISIRD datasets. Available datasets include American and SPIDR Sunspot Numbers, space weather data, Lyman-alpha composite time series, solar spectral irradiance, historical Total Solar Irradiance reconstruction, daily solar radio flux, and more. LaTiS returns responses in PNG, CSV, DODS, HTML, DAT, BIN, JSON, INFO, DAS, PRO, and DDS.