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Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services Speech Services API MASTER RECORD

The Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services Speech Services API enables real-time transcription of audio streams into text. It allows your applications, tools, or devices to consume, display, and take action on, command input to the Speech-to-text service. This service is powered by the recognition technology that is used for Cortana and Office, and works with the translation and text-to-speech services as well. Requests to the Speech Services API can only contain 10 seconds of recorded audio and returns final results, as partial results are not supported. It provides a way to capture audio from a microphone, read from a stream, and more. Azure supports reinforcement learning, a set of techniques that performs artificial intelligence optimization based on your configuration. It allows you to integrate cloud services to develop, test, deploy, and manage applications, and utilize the efficiencies of cloud computing. Azure is a complete cloud platform to host your existing applications, streamline the development of new applications, and enhance on-premises applications.
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