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Moblico API - Followers

Moblico’s mobile engagement platform combines cloud-based back-end services for app developers together with content, communication and loyalty management tools for application marketers. If you’re building an app for a client or marketer, you should consider trying our easy to use developer APIs and SDKs. Whether you have existing apps in the market or you are building new apps, by leveraging our back-end services you can quickly bring marketing capabilities to your apps. Our web-based marketing portal services will enable your clients to monitor the performance of their app, instantly communicate with app users, update content in real time and build loyalty with a rewards program! Over the last two years Moblico has built over 300 apps on our platform which has grown to support the needs of thousands of users. During that time, our platform has been shaped by the demands of our clients and marketers. We know what developers want because we are developers. We know what clients want because we have hundreds of them. The Moblico API is RESTful with responses formatted in JSON. SDKs are available for both iOS and Android.