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Moltin V2 API - SDKs

Unified APIs for inventory, carts, the checkout process, payments and more, so you can focus on creating seamless customer experiences at any scale. Moltin is a SaaS cloud based eCommerce platform for developers. Moltin provides decoupled components to create customized solutions for websites, mobile and desktop applications, as well as powering physical retail stores through point-of-sale and stock management systems. Core components of the API include, inventory management (products & variations, categories, collections, brands), carts, orders, customers, addresses, checkout and payment gateways. As a developer you can choose which of these components to use in your project and create completely unique checkout flows without the limitations found in existing e-commerce solutions. You can use Moltin anywhere to do any kind of commerce you or your client wants in any programming language. Having one centralized cloud based e-commerce platform allows you to have multiple store fronts across a range of devices. This even allows you to switch out and/or upgrade your front end technology without having to completely migrate between systems.