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Monitive API - Libraries

Monitive is an uptime monitoring service, where users sign up and input their website address, which we check every minute, from a random location around the world, and instantly notify them when their site is down. Monitive is the most easy to use uptime monitoring service ever. You don't need to install anything, since Monitive runs ''in the cloud''. Built by humans, both for the non tech-savvy and for elite engineers. Benefits : Stay Focused. Focus on growing your business and let us keep an eye on your website. Feel free to ignore your phone. If something isn't right, we will call you. One less thing to worry about. Save Money. Finally, you'll be the first to know when your website or services are down. By acting quickly, you will save money, your reputation and improve your business. Set It and Forget It. The setup takes under 30 seconds. Type your name, email, phone number and your website's URL. We will take it from there and monitor your website every minute from 6+ locations. Get powerful insights. Weekly and monthly uptime reports ensure you get clarity on your websites' performance. Take action and keep up your SLA, including website response time (latency).