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Movesense API - SDKs

The Movesense API enables developers to programmatically interact with the Movesense open sensor development platform for measuring movement and physiology. The API offers GET, PUT, POST, DELETE actions for exchanging data with the Movesense sensor, with functions for accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, temperature, ECG, HR, and more. Also manage advertising settings and device bonding with the API. From the Provider: "Movesense is a battery powered device that incorporates low power sensor components with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) enabled Micro Controller Unit (MCU). Currently commercially available Movesense Sensor is based on Nordic Semiconductor's nRF52 BLE chip fitted with 9-axis motion sensor, heart rate unit, extra memory and more. The basic Movesense end user system comprises the following entities: One or more Movesense sensor(s) Mobile device (iOS, Android) Both ends includes Movesense connectivity stack that makes them interoperate both in the device and application dimensions. While the typical use case is mobile device using services of the Movesense Devices, the symmetric Movesense communication architecture enables also Movesense devices to use services from the Mobile device. All the Movesense devices implement the Movesense API. This REST -like api is defined, managed and released by the Movesense organisation. Key idea behind the API is to make it easy and fast for anyone to customise the device by means of one's own applications. There applications are developed using the Movesense Device SDK and updated to the physical devices over-the-air via mobile apps."
Movesense API