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Mozilla UserScripts WebExtensions API MASTER RECORD

The Mozilla UserScripts WebExtensions API allows you to run third party scripts for extensions in isolated sandboxes, and assists in getting those extensions implemented and into Firefox. An extension is a structured collection of web development code that modifies the behavior or appearance of a Firefox browser. WebExtensions are cross browser systems for developing browser extensions in Firefox, and the WebExtensions API is used to write extensions for Firefox that are supported across different browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera Browser, and Microsoft Edge. The UserScripts WebExtensions APIs are accessible in the extension pages, and are used to; specify an extension Content Script, register a userScript plus its options and more. This API follows the W3C Browser Extensions Specification, please refer to that API for more details on this standard. The Mozilla Developer Network is a learning platform for Web technologies and the software that powers the Web including Web standards such as; CSS, HTML, and JavaScript, Open Web app development, Firefox add-on development and B2G OS.