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MVPC GEO Services REST API v1.0

The Geo Services REST API by, is a collection of microservices developed in NodeJS and hosted in AWS. It has the ability to provide the following data: Searching Time Zone Data for a Latitude / Longitude Search data from an altitude from one (or more) latitude / longitude Calculate the distance between two GPS points Searching airport data from an IATA code or latitude / longitude Searching sunrise and sunset data from a latitude / longitude Searching cities and villages from a latitude / longitude Search data from towns and villages from a simple text (Ex: London) Search data for countries and continents of the world Ability to search cities and villages from more than 200,000 worldwide in more than 190 countries. All data provided through our services are public domain licensed data (creative commons attribution 4.0 license), which ensures the possibility to reuse those datas, even for commercial use.