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Mydrmspace is the place where you can sign your multimedia with invisible and inaudible ID. You can also add hidden comments into the signed multimedia files. Wherever your multimedia files are there is your data! Welcome! Mydrmspace is the first on-line platform, where you can sign your multimedia content with a digital watermark. Digital watermarks are inaudible or invisible after they have been added to a music file, audio book, recorded speech, photo, video, document, etc. Digital watermarks should be also irremovable from digital files after they have been signed. Digital watermarks may be also used as protection of copyrights to signed multimedia content. On Mydrmspace you can even upload your own watermark coder and decoder in order to check how effective and popular they are through our on-line community. Check how effective the signing system you developed really is. Compare it against other signing systems that have already been uploaded by their creators. Maybe your watermarking system will top all popularity ratings!