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Nokia Places API - Developers

Nokia's Places API is a web service API that allows you to offer your application's users Nokia's Places service as available in Nokia Maps and other applications within the look & feel of your own application. The Places service supports a variety of use cases that center around two major features: > Place discovery – Help users find the places relevant to them > Place information retrieval – Provide detailed information about places users are interested in For place discovery, the Places API supports two different usage scenarios that you may select according to the requirements for your application: > search – find places that match search terms provided by the user > explore – guide users to relevant places nearby The API follows the RESTful principles. It defines resources that represent the entry points for the supported use cases and uses hypermedia links to describe the application flow within a selected use case. For example, discover is a Places API resource, representing all place discovery entry points. When you submit a GET request to the search subresource, you receive a response that contains a list of links to places or place resources, among other items. Each referenced place may have rich content associated with it including ratings, images, reviews, editorials, and owner content. It also contains references to other related places that allow your users to discover other places relevant or related to their original search.
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