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Novopayment Cash Management API - Libraries

The Cash Management API provides a way to manage money in real time that allows you to disburse unused funds, and request payments between businesses, merchants, corresponding agents and end users. Some available functions includes; Cash disbursement, Cash recovery, Deposits, and Withdrawals. The Cash Management service is real-time cash management tool that enables companies to process deposits and withdrawals from stored value accounts. NovoPayment offers bank-grade integration, middleware services, and a multi-country, multi-currency platform that is able to address a full range of back-office and front-end payment needs. This includes access to local and global acquiring, ATM, reload, remittance, and mobile networks and more. NovoPayment enables digital financial and transactional services, and provides a way for banks, financial institutions, and others to leverage their existing systems and services to generate new deposits and transaction streams.